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The 2022 LCI Call for Ideas is now closed. Check back for the 2023 timeline for applications.

2022 LCI Transportation Solicitation

ARC held a solicitation for LCI Project Implementation Proposals in the Fall of 2021. Project announcement will be made on the LCI Transportation Program page.

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Creating Vibrant, Walkable Communities

Created as a way to reduce vehicle miles traveled and improve air quality, the Atlanta Regional Commission’s Livable Centers Initiative (LCI) is a grant program that incentivizes local jurisdictions to re-envision their communities as vibrant, walkable places that offer increased mobility options, encourage healthy lifestyles and provide improved access to jobs and services.

Since 2000, the LCI program has invested $312 million in more than 120 communities throughout the Atlanta region, helping pay for planning studies and the construction of transportation projects such as sidewalks and intersection improvements, to bring those visions to life. The ARC board has allocated $600 million through 2050 for transportation projects resulting from completed LCI studies.

The LCI program is funded with federal transportation dollars. The grants cover 80% of the cost of each study or transportation project, with the recipient making a 20% match.

Program Goals

  • Encourage a diversity of housing, employment, commercial, shopping and recreation land uses at the transit station, local and regional center level accessible by people of all ages, abilities and income levels,
  • Provide access to a range of travel modes including transit, roadways, walking and biking and increase roadway connectivity to provide optimal access to all uses within the study area,
  • Foster public-private partnerships and sustained community support through an outreach process that promotes the involvement of all stakeholders, including those historically underserved or underrepresented,
  • Encourage mixed-income residential neighborhoods, employment, shopping, and recreation options.

Current Studies

Our 2022-2023 LCI studies are currently underway.  Please visit their project websites to participate and learn more about their LCI study.

2022 Studies

  • City of Senoia
    Grant Amount: $250,000
    The City of Senoia Town Center Catalytic Study will focus on connecting Senoia’s successful downtown to surrounding neighborhoods. The study will include potential development of a network of multimodal connections to the town center from the rest of the city through multi-use paths and innovative street design and revised development guidelines.
  • Clayton County and the cities of Jonesboro and Lovejoy
    Grant Amount: $400,000
    Clayton County’s Tara Gateway Study aims to improve pedestrian safety, access to bus routes, and catalyze development at three locations along Tara Boulevard: Upper Riverdale Road, the City of Jonesboro, and the City of Lovejoy. The goal is a re-imagined corridor that becomes a true gateway for Clayton County.
  • City of Norcross
    Grant Amount: $200,000
    The Norcross LCI Plan Update will examine the development of a pedestrian-safe crossing along Buford Highway and the possible introduction of an electric vehicle charging into the downtown core of Norcross.
  • City of Riverdale
    Grant Amount: $200,000
    The Riverdale LCI Plan Update will support the development of bus rapid transit within the City of Riverdale by furthering the work that MARTA has conducted. The plan update will provide a revised economic development strategy, transportation recommendations, and an implementation plan.
  • Town Center CID
    Grant Amount: $150,000
    Cobb County’s Town Center Electrification Study will develop a pilot electric vehicle infrastructure plan for the Town Center LCI area, including a toolkit and recommendations for implementation.
  • City of Clarkston
    Grant Amount: $340,000
    The Clarkston Greenway Study will develop plans for a 2-mile trail along the US 78 corridor or the South Fork Peachtree Creek. The proposed trail will connect to other regional trails and provide transportation options to an area where community connectivity has been more limited.
  • City of Woodstock
    Grant Amount: $200,000
    The Woodstock Downtown Noonday Creek and Rubes Creek Trail plan will evaluate options for developing a trail loop linking the Noonday Creek and Rubes Creek trails, providing east-west connections between the existing trails that will promote pedestrian connectivity throughout downtown Woodstock.
  • West End CID
    Grant Amount: $200,000
    The Ralph David Abernathy Great Streets Study will develop a multimodal transportation plan for the Ralph David Abernathy corridor to connect the West End MARTA Station, West End Mall, and surrounding neighborhoods.
  • DeKalb County
    Staff Assistance
    The Stone Mountain Trail Land Use Visioning Plan will include ARC, DeKalb County, and cities working together to evaluate the Stone Mountain Trail area and determine next steps for scoping a future study.

2021 Studies

  • City of Alpharetta
    Grant Amount: $160,000
    The Alpharetta-South Main Street Creative Placemaking and Economic Strategy will take place along South Main Street (Hwy 9), from the Town Center, south to the city limits. This plan seeks to develop opportunities for safe walking and biking while promoting transit ridership. It also aims to examine opportunities for redevelopment that promote creative placemaking and the continued success of the Downtown Alpharetta LCI.
  • City of Douglasville
    Grant Amount: $160,000
    The Douglasville Town Center Implementation Strategy will update the Douglasville LCI to stitch together several existing projects to streamline them and set out plans of action, including the housing strategy work currently underway through ARC’s Community Development Assistance Program, a planned town green, creative placemaking, and upgraded connections to the Northside area.
  • City of Grantville
    Grant Amount: $100,000
    The Grantville LCI Plan will create a new study area within the City of Grantville, a small city on the southern border of Coweta County, as it looks to develop a transit connection to the Xpress commuter bus system and a revitalize its downtown.
  • Gwinnett Place Community Improvement District
    Grant Amount: $220,000
    The Gwinnett Place Mall Revitalization Strategy will advance a bold development plan for Gwinnett Place Mall that will explore how to integrate a potential county bus rapid transit route into a planned significant expansion of the Gwinnett Place Transit Center. The Transit Center is located on mall property and set for an upgrade to become the county transit system’s main hub. The LCI study’s goal is to support transit, cars, and pedestrians, improving both transportation and quality of life in the area.
  • Gwinnett County
    Grant Amount: $100,000
    The Sugarloaf Transit Enhancement and Future Station Planning Study will further examine a planned BRT station stop at Sugarloaf Mall and multimodal connection to the Infinite Energy Center. The study will also explore short-term transit enhancements at the existing Park and Ride location near Sugarloaf Mall.
  • City of Hampton
    Grant Amount: $80,000
    The City of Hampton King, George, and Daniel Streets Revitalization Strategy will examine this set of streets near Downtown Hampton as the city looks to revitalize the area and improve transportation safety without displacing existing residents. This strategy will examine different so-called “missing middle” housing options that could be applied in this area.
  • City of South Fulton
    Grant Amount: $120,000
    The Old National Highway LCI Study Update will explore new transportation options and develop an economic development strategy for the corridor that includes creative placemaking.
  • Lilburn Community Improvement District
    Grant Amount: $120,000
    The Lilburn LCI Plan Update will focus on developing a walkable and vibrant downtown by updating its existing LCI Plan within the Old Towne Lilburn and the Downtown Development Zone to promote creative placemaking and diversity of housing options.
  • In 2021, ARC is piloting two new study types, focusing on (1) bus stop pedestrian safety and creative placemaking, and (2) LCI Scoping Assistance to prepare communities for a future LCI study. This year, there are three grant recipients in these areas:
    • Upper Westside CID
      Grant Amount: $64,000
      This grant will allow the City of Atlanta’s Upper Westside CID to examine pedestrian safety and incorporate creative placemaking at existing transit stops along Huff Road and Ellsworth Industrial Boulevard.
    • Midtown Alliance
      Grant Amount: $80,000
      With this grant, Midtown Alliance will examine pedestrian safety and incorporate creative placemaking at existing transit stops along West Peachtree and Spring Streets.
    • In addition, ARC staff will assist the City of South Fulton on visioning of elements for its future town center.

2020 Studies

  • City of Villa Rica
    Grant amount: $100,000
    The Villa Rica Downtown Master Plan will make land use recommendations to support the revitalization of the city’s downtown district, the surrounding residential and mixed-use district, and the historic Fullerville community. The study will recommend and identify opportunities to improve connectivity, multi-modal access to city parks, historic attractions, and cultural sites.
  • City of Fairburn
    Grant amount: $100,000
    The Fairburn Downtown Master Plan Update will update the current LCI plan to provide a strategically focused, goal-driven blueprint for the growth and development of Fairburn’s historic downtown.
  • City of Lawrenceville
    Grant amount: $150,000
    The Lawrenceville Downtown Master Plan Update will build on an existing Lawrenceville LCI study, extending its boundaries to capture more redevelopment opportunities, examining parking and transportation issues within downtown Lawrenceville and will integrate Smart City solutions.
  • Town of Tyrone
    Grant amount: $160,000
    The Tyrone Town Center Master Plan will focus on projects that promote people-oriented improvements, including a streetscape plan, Town Center property/facilities assessment, a Town Center park study, and a traffic/parking plan.
  • Central Atlanta Progress
    Grant amount: $120,000
    Central Atlanta Progress in partnership with the City of Atlanta will develop the Multi-Modal Corridor Study: Courtland Street, Peachtree Center, and Piedmont Avenue. This study will explore potential improvements for these corridors, including new bus-only lanes, pedestrian and bicycle improvements, and new lane configurations.
  • City of Austell
    Grant amount: $120,000
    The Austell Downtown Master Plan Update will update current LCI plan to provide a blueprint for the rejuvenation of downtown Austell, looking at improvements to transportation, zoning and the development of economic development strategies.
  • Town Center Community Improvement District
    Grant amount: $160,000
    The Bells Ferry Road Corridor Smart Mobility Study will provide recommendations to improve the transportation options for all users of Bells Ferry Road using smart technologies and green infrastructure.
  • City of Suwanee
    Grant amount: $160,000
    The Suwanee Pedestrian and Bicycle Loop Study will develop a concept for a continuous pedestrian and bicycle loop trail around Suwanee. The Loop will connect Suwanee neighborhoods to the Suwanee Greenway and downtown Suwanee, as well as connect the downtown to other planned regional trails.
  • City of Forest Park
    Grant amount: $120,000
    The Forest Park Downtown Master Plan Update will include a five-year development and implementation strategy that capitalizes on the city’s vacant properties and creating access to retail, residential, and commercial development and the city’s proximity to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.
  • City of Fayetteville
    Grant amount: $100,000
    The Fayetteville Downtown Design Guidelines Plan will provide the city with a framework for new development and improvements to the roadway and streetscape networks.
  • City of Woodstock
    Grant Amount: $140,000
    The Downtown Woodstock Master Plan Update will build upon the existing Downtown Woodstock and Highway 92 LCI studies to provide an updated blueprint for the growth and development of Downtown Woodstock.

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