Community Planning Academy

While every community is unique, the elected officials, planning staff, and appointed or “citizen” planners who keep them running serve similar functions no matter the jurisdiction. ARC’s Community Planning Academy (CPA) offers high-quality, cost-effective training to help these planners and decision-makers guide their communities to the future they envision.

Upcoming Courses

Housing 101 – Date TBD – Fall 2022

Economic Development 202 – Date TBD – Fall 2022

Training for Planning Officials – Date TBD – Spring 2023

Past Courses

2022 Training for Planning Officials: April-May 2022

As the signature annual offering of the Community Planning Academy, the Training for Planning Officials provides knowledge, resources, and tools that give local planning commission members and others involved in the planning process confidence in making educated, effective decisions to help shape their communities. Attendees learn the history and legal foundations of planning and zoning; take a deep dive into the creation and implementation of a comprehensive plan; and engage in modules that teach them how to incorporate best practices in their own communities in the areas of meeting management, preparation, and leadership. Sessions also expose participants to the role of planning in areas such as land use; urban design; transportation; natural resources; equity; resiliency; housing; and arts and culture. The training is a multi-day event spread over several weeks. All days/sessions are required as they build off one another as a series.

2021 Economic Development 101: June 2021

ARC’s Community Planning Academy was pleased to offer Economic Development 101, a foundational training designed to assist planners and community stakeholders alike with their understanding of economic development. The success of planning and economic development go hand-in-hand. By exploring goals, tools, and activities related to economic development, we found common ground and opportunities to better connect planning and economic development efforts.

Economic Development 101

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