ARC Leadership and Organizational Structure

Board Chairman

Andre Dickens, Mayor, City of Atlanta
Mayor Andre Dickens,
ARC Board Chairman
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Office of the Executive Director and CEO

The Office of the Executive Director is responsible for the overall management and operations of the Atlanta Regional Commission as well as ARC Board policy implementation and the building of civic partnerships.

ARC's Executive Director, Anna Roach, leaning against a counter with her hands folded
Anna Roach,
Executive Director and CEO
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ARC Operational Programs

The Atlanta Regional Commission’s operational programs cover a range of initiatives in the areas of transportation and mobility, community development, water resources, aging, workforce development, homeland security and leadership development. Key activities include the development and maintenance of the Atlanta Region’s Plan,(the region’s comprehensive long-range blueprint), the Metropolitan Transportation Plan, Living Beyond Expectations Strategic Plan and the regional Water Resources Management Plan.

ARC operational departments include:

  • Aging and Independence Services
  • Community Development/Metro ATL Housing Strategy/Economic Competitiveness Strategy
  • Mobility/TDM Services
  • Natural Resources
  • Research & Analytics
  • Transportation Access and Regional Planning
  • Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI) – Homeland Security
  • Workforce Development
  • ARC Leadership Programs (RLI, LINK, ALMA, MARC)

Mike Alexander
Mike Alexander,
Chief Operating Officer

Office of External Affairs and Strategy

The Office of External Affairs oversees ARC’s efforts to build stronger networks for regional action and progress through communications and marketing, government affairs, board and community relations, and strategic planning. The OEA is responsible for the agency’s strategic framework development and integration and supporting the mission of ARC in fostering thriving communities for all in metro Atlanta.

Malika Wilkins
Malika Reed Wilkins, PhD, APR
Chief External Affairs Officer & Chief Strategy Officer

Office of Finance

The Office of Finance provides comprehensive financial management for the agency. This includes management of the general ledger, payroll, and accounts receivable, accounts payable, purchasing, contracting and fixed assets. Beyond meeting the requirements of grantors and internal procedures, the primary goal of the Finance Office is to provide efficient business processes that produce accurate and timely information.

James Husserl
James Husserl,
Chief Financial Officer

Office of Human Resources

The Office of Human Resources develops systems and policies for talent acquisition and investing in a diverse workforce using a lens of DEI to make and implement decisions; it systematizes the agency’s approach to compensation, benefits, learning and development, performance management, policy and compliance, while leading the organization’s staff and staff-committee efforts to ensure that internal stakeholders, across the agency, can make high-level and meaningful contributions that aligns with the agency’s vision and mission.

Sheila Benefield
Sheila Benefield,
Chief Human Resources Officer

Office of General Counsel

The Office of General Counsel is responsible for advising the Board and agency leadership on legal matters and rights and ensuring regulatory compliance with applicable requirements and organization operational policies. In addition to legal counsel and agency compliance roles, this Office includes procurement, board affairs, records retention, and contract functions, and provides Disadvantaged Business Enterprise and Title VI oversight.

Brittany Zwald
Brittany Zwald,
General Counsel

Office of Information Technology

The Information Technology Office is responsible for anticipating, providing, maintaining and supporting effective computer systems for use in unified planning work programs and agency administration; providing systems and resources for applications support, development and consultation in all technology areas; and to provide technical support and training for all staff.

Photo of Steve Williams
Steve Williams,
Chief Information Technology Officer