Transportation Improvement Program

Improvements Coming in the Near Future

The Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) allocates federal funds for use in the construction of the highest-priority projects in the Regional Transportation Plan (RTP), the long-term transportation vision for the 20-county region. Projects included in the TIP must be fully funded.

The Atlanta Regional Commission, the federally designated Metropolitan Planning Organization for the 20-county Atlanta region, is responsible for developing and updating the TIP and RTP to meet federal planning requirements and address local needs.

The TIP covers the first six years of the RTP, and is the means by which federal, state and local funds are approved for all significant surface transportation projects and programs in the 20-county Atlanta region.

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ARC provides a range of useful tools that offer detailed information about TIP projects across region:

TIP Project Solicitations 

The 2017 project solicitation has been fully incorporated into the FY 2018-2023 TIP.  For more information on the project solicitation process, please visit the project solicitation page.

TIP Modifications & Amendments

Administrative modifications are made to the TIP on a quarterly basis as the schedules and budgets of projects change.

More significant alterations, called amendments, are made on occasion by vote of ARC’s Transportation & Air Quality Committee. This committee includes a representative from every county in the region, as well as from many partner agencies. Please visit the Amendment page for information on any current or pending amendment processes.

Administrative Modifications & Amendments FAQs 

2019 Administrative Modifications

3rd Quarter 2019 TIP Administrative Modifications Change List

1st Quarter 2019*

  • Scheduled due date – February 14th
  • Processed – March 29th

2nd Quarter 2019*

  • Scheduled due date – May 9th
  • Processed – May 31st

3rd Quarter 2019*

  • Scheduled due date – August 15th
  • Scheduled process date – September 20th

4th Quarter 2019*

  • Scheduled due date – November 14th
  • Scheduled process date – December 5th

*All dates are tentative and subject to change

Review previous modifications and amendments.

Regional Transportation Plan

ARC’s Regional Transportation Plan is a long-range document that maps out the transportation projects that will be most useful to the region through 2040. The RTP is the transportation component of the Atlanta Region’s Plan and is based on the amount of funding we think will be available during that time.

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