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One region. Many communities.

The Community Development Assistance Program (CDAP) provides planning assistance to local governments, CIDs, & non-profits across the metro Atlanta region to undertake local planning activities that advance the goals of the Atlanta Region’s Plan. In short, CDAP matches technical planning help and expertise with projects in communities who need it.

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    How Can My Community Get Assistance?

    Projects are chosen based on staff capacity and how well the proposed project addresses ARC’s priority issues and advances at least one of the program’s guiding principles of equity and resiliency. (For more detail, see the FAQ below.)

    • Access to Healthy Food
    • Creative Placemaking
    • Impacts of Climate Change
    • Historic Preservation
    • Housing Affordability
    • Lifelong Communities
    • Smart Technology
    • Workforce Development

    Community Development Assistance Application Guidebook

    CDAP 2023 Application Guidebook_Page_01

    Take a look at the application guidebook to learn more about program goals and application requirements. The 2023 application period is now open.

    View a PDF of the application (244 KB). Note that all applications will need to be submitted through the form linked at the top of the page. 

    Call for Projects Timeline

    This section will be updated with important dates as they become available.

    • December

      Informational meetings begin

      Informational meetings are held during ARC's December and January Land Use Coordinating Committee meetings.

    • January

      Call for Projects

      The application window opens mid January.

    • February

      Application period ends

      The deadline has been extended. Applications are due March 7, 2023.

    • May

      Awardees Announced

      Selected projects are announced at ARC's April or May Community Resources Committee meeting.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    ARC’s Community Development Assistance Program, or CDAP for short, matches planning assistance with community projects that need it. How it works: ARC assigns staff members to work with your community on your project to reach an agreed-upon result, such as a plan, report, community engagement process, or study — bringing your project closer to reality.

    Past and present projects include things like a plan to integrate public art into downtown Tucker, a citywide agriculture plan in East Point, and a housing repair program strategy for older residents in Decatur. For a full list, visit: 2021 CDAP Projects or Past CDAP Projects.

    CDAP provides staff technical assistance to help move your idea toward reality. Final products may include a completed plan, report, community engagement process, or study.

    CDAP assistance helps communities to address at least one of these regional priorities. They also advance community resiliency and social equity.

    Access to Healthy Food
    Are you or your neighbors struggling to find healthy fruits and vegetables because there is not a grocery store nearby? Or maybe you want to create a community garden space to grow fresh produce and build relationships with you neighbors.

    Housing Affordability
    Do you or your neighbors struggle to afford to move to or remain in your community?

    Creative Placemaking
    Is there a place in your community that you’d like to feel more welcoming and vibrant to resident and visitors alike? Maybe it could benefit by integrating artistic and cultural elements.

    Lifelong Communities
    Does a lack of sidewalks, transportation options, or housing at a variety of price points make it difficult for people at all stages of life — from kids to older adults — to live in your community?

    Green Infrastructure
    Have you noticed that your community often floods after heavy rain, making it difficult to travel on certain streets, or perhaps flooding certain homes?

    Smart Communities
    Could your community benefit from technology that would streamline traffic signals, trash pick-up, or parking? Smart tech could help.

    You can find detailed explanations in the Community Development Assistance Program 2021 Guidebook.

    1. Make sure it fits the requirements.
      Qualifying projects address at least one of the regional priorities listed above — and advance community resiliency and social equity.
    2. Connect and spread the excitement.
      Get others in your community onboard. This may be a neighborhood group, local nonprofit, or simply a group of engaged residents.
    3. Let ARC connect you with your local community planner.
      Contact Mollie Bogle at If your idea has potential, we’ll connect you with your city or county planner.
    4. Get that application in shape!
      Work with your local planner on your CDAP application and submit it by the February deadline. Good luck!

    Neighborhood groups, nonprofits, community-based organizations, or a group of committed neighbors can apply in partnership with your local government. For steps on how to do so, see “I have a project in mind! What do I do next?”

    Reach out to Mollie Bogle at We’ll talk with you about your idea, and if it has potential, we’ll connect you with your city or county planner.

    You can browse a complete list of projects on the 2021 CDAP Projects or Past CDAP Projects pages.

    Projects are chosen using a scorecard that weights them according to how they address regional priorities, as well as geographic diversity, equity, and resilience. Some priority is given to communities with fewer demonstrated resources to direct to community development.

    See the application timeframe above and download the Community Development Assistance Program 2021 Guidebook.

    Informational meetings start in November. The application period starts in January or February, and awardees are announced in May.

    Feel free to address any questions to Mollie Bogle at

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