Metropolitan Transportation Plan Update

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Help Shape Metro Atlanta's Future

ARC is conducting a major update of the long-range Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP), which will allocate over $170 billion toward transportation projects that address regional transportation needs through 2050. Help us develop the plan. Read below to learn more about the MTP.

Transportation planning is one of the Atlanta Regional Commission’s most important responsibilities.

It’s particularly critical given that the Atlanta region will add about 1.8 million people by 2050, according to ARC’s draft population forecast. To put that in context, that’s like nearly all of metro Nashville moving here.

Enormous care is needed to accommodate this of growth. Great regions don’t happen by accident. It requires a bold vision, careful planning, and strategically targeted investments.

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    About the MTP Update

    The Atlanta Regional Commission is currently reviewing and updating the Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP), the long-range blueprint that guides transportation investments in the Atlanta region through 2050 .

    The plan is developed and managed by the Atlanta Regional Commission, which serves as the federally designated Metropolitan Planning Organization for metro Atlanta. This work is done in close collaboration with the region’s transportation agencies and local governments.

    We will take stock of where we are today, determine where we want to go, and develop a road map for getting there.

    The MTP is revised on a regular basis to reflect shifting needs and funding allocations. Major updates are conducted at least every four years.

    The plan covers all of part of 20 counties that are included in the Atlanta MPO.

    Map of the 20-county MPO for metro Atlanta

    What Does the MTP Do?

    The Metropolitan Transportation Plan Update will program about $173 billion in federal, state, and local transportation funding through 2050.

    The plan is designed to meet the following regional objectives:

    • Foster the development of healthy, safe, livable communities.
    • Strategically invest in infrastructure to provide an equitable, accessible, and safe transportation network and improve the region’s resiliency.
    • Build a competitive economy that is inclusive, innovative, and resilient, with a highly educated and skilled workforce able to meet the needs of present and future employers.
    • Ensure community needs are met through diverse stakeholder participation.

    Drilling down a bit deeper, the plan aims to improve transportation and quality of life by:

    • Easing congestion
    • Expanding transit service
    • Improving safety
    • Making it easier to get around our region on foot or on bicycle
    • Providing alternative commute options
    • Maintaining existing infrastructure.

    Every project that intends to utilize federal transportation dollars must be part of the MTP.

    What's at Stake?

    This planning effort comes at a time of significant change and uncertainty in our region.

    • Technology is driving change. Things like electric vehicles, ‘connected’ corridors, e-bikes and artificial intelligence promise to fundamentally alter how we live, work, and travel in metro Atlanta.
    • Climate change requires a strategic response. The long-range plan can help reduce carbon emissions and mitigate extreme weather events that are becoming more common.
    • The COVID-19 pandemic has created a new normal. One in four of us are now working remotely at least part of the time. Peak travel times have shifted and are now spread out over much of the day.
    • ‘Green’ manufacturing is booming. From EV’s to batter technology, huge facilities are popping up across the region and state. Our transportation network must accommodate these new job centers.
    • Federal priorities are shifting. Planning must reflect policies that emphasize things like EV infrastructure, climate and resiliency, and equity.

    How Can I Get Involved?

    There are a number of ways to have your voice heard and help shape the Atlanta region’s future: