Mobility Connections: A Plan for Expanding Opportunity

Mobility Connections - A Plan for Expanding Opportunity

The Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) strives to plan and implement new transportation options and encourage development of healthy, livable communities.  From now through 2023, ARC is aiming to understand key transportation issues and opportunities to improve mobility and quality of life in the Atlanta region as part of its update the Regional TDM Plan, Mobility Connections: A Plan for Expanding Opportunity.

What is TDM, and why do we need a TDM plan?

TDM is a set of strategies that maximize traveler choices. These travel choices include the transportation option, route, and time of travel, as well as our home and work locations. Beyond TDM’s traditional focus on improving air quality and reducing traffic congestion during peak commuting hours, ARC pioneered the concept of TDM+ to include a broader set of livability and economic objectives.

TDM offers the region the ability to deliver better environmental outcomes, connect individuals with opportunity and essential services, improve public health and social equity, foster stronger communities, and create more prosperous and livable places. The COVID-19 pandemic changed the way many of us live and work, and our transportation strategies and policies should reflect this ever-changing landscape and benefit all communities. Through Mobility Connections: A Plan for Expanding Opportunity, ARC is excited to work with the community and stakeholders like you to develop a plan that supports the region’s mobility needs and long-range goals.

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