Potential Consultant Application

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This form must be received by the Atlanta Regional Commission in order for you or your firm to be included in ARC’s Potential Consultant List so that you will be eligible for consideration for future RFP’s.

You may also submit a qualifications package with the form. Firms that have previously submitted a qualifications package may also use the application below to update its information. Form and content of qualification packages are left to your discretion.

Please fill out the form below completely and check all areas of expertise that apply.

NOTE: Regarding Potential Relocation of ARC Offices:

If your firm is seeking to be considered for business regarding the potential relocation of the ARC offices, please directly e-mail your information to Chris Burke at cburke@atlantaregional.com where it will be forwarded to the project manager for consideration. Please do not fill out the Potential Consultant Application form. Submitting firm information does not guarantee or imply a contract or consultation.