ARC’s Annual Work Program and Budget

Since 1947, the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) and its predecessor agencies have developed a framework of plans and programs that have fostered the Atlanta region’s positive development and ensured a high quality of life. From creating the first parallel runway plan in the U.S., which led to the most traveled airport in the world, to protecting the region’s major water source, the Chattahoochee River, regional initiatives have shaped our present and will continue to mold our future.

ARC’s Strategic Plan serves as a framework to guide both current and future board members and staff in focusing resources and efforts most efficiently on the region’s most critical needs. The Strategic Plan defines ARC’s purpose, vision, mission, values, core policies, objectives and strategies.

The Work Program and Budget align with ARC’s Strategic Plan. The Atlanta Region’s Plan, adopted in 2016, and the Aspirations Agenda adopted in 2014, establish the context for the 2019 Work Program and Budget and detail how ARC will address the Strategic Plan’s objectives.

2019 Strategy – Annual Work Program & Budget

The 2019 Work Program and Budget is ARC’s proposed official policy regarding allocation of financial and staff resources during 2019. During its development, it was submitted for review by proposed funding agencies to secure their agreement to finance appropriate parts of the program. The adopted Work Program and Budget represents only those funding agreements presently in place or anticipated during the year.


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