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Ensuring Quality Training Providers for the Atlanta Region

WorkSource Metro Atlanta serves as the workforce system for the 10-county metro region. It represents the collective efforts of five local Workforce Development Boards within the 10-county metro region:

Training Provider Application

If you are interested in partnering with WorkSource Metro Atlanta to become an approved training provider, please complete the Training Provider Application.

If you are a current training provider and need to add a new program or make changes to an existing program, please complete the Provider Program Change Request Form.

An ITA Workgroup reviews and approves Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act (WIOA) applications for training providers seeking to operate in the jurisdictions covered by the five local Workforce Development Boards.

For more information on the process, please review the Training Provider Road Map or if you have questions regarding your application status you can email:

To see the complete list of approved programs and schools, review the State Eligible Training Provider list.

Other resources: Training Provider Appeal Process (pdf)

Training Provider Monitoring

WorkSource Metro Atlanta will work in partnership with Training Providers to conduct regular performance evaluations of the approved programs. These performance evaluations will include:

  • Program Completion Rates
  • Credential Attainment Rate
  • Employment Rate
  • Average Wage

The outcomes of the Training Provider Monitoring will be posted annually in March.
More information on the process can be found in the Frequently Asked Questions under the section titled Training Provider Monitoring.

WIOA Program Participant Regional Scorecard (PDF)

Engaging with the WIOA Adult and Dislocated Worker Process

Training Providers and Community Partners are encouraged to attend one of the quarterly trainings on the Adult and Dislocated worker process. You can register for an upcoming session using the links below.

2023 Adult and Dislocated Worker WIOA Process Information Sessions

If you need to gain access to information prior to attending a training, all the resources are available on the WorkSource Metro Atlanta website, including a roadmap that outlines the entire process. As you become more familiar with the process there are a couple of key documents that will be required to be able to receive funding for students.

  • Acceptance Letter/Fee Schedule: WorkSource Board staff will request this form when a student has been approved for training
  • WIOA Attendance Verification Form: Training Providers will need to submit this form with an invoice
  • Customer Change Notification: Training Providers will need to submit this form to inform WorkSource Board staff of changes in customer progress (student not attending, not completing assignments or when the student completes the program, obtains a credential and/or employment).

More information on engaging with the WIOA Adult and Dislocated Worker Process can be found in the frequently asked questions and in the Regional Training Provider Meetings.

Training Provider – WorkSource Board Contacts

Approved Training Providers on the ETPL in need of a contract with a local WorkSource Board or if there are questions regarding the WIOA Process can contact the following individuals: