April 11, 2017

Metro Atlanta Cultural Assessment

ARC contracted with the Metro Atlanta Arts & Culture Coalition (MAACC) in 2011 to conduct research and prepare a report related to arts and culture in the metro Atlanta region.

Research activities included:

  • Cultural forums in each of the 10 metro counties
  • Inventories of non-profit cultural groups and cultural facilities
  • An overview of for-profit creative industries in the region
  • An overview of cultural plans, agencies, policies and ordinances in the region
  • Samples of regional cultural agencies and cultural plans

The cultural forums explored the role of arts and culture in economic development, quality of life, education, and regional cooperation. Participants were also asked to identify the infrastructure and resources needed to support a thriving cultural community for the region.

The resulting report provides ARC with a clear snapshot of the cultural industry in the region and allows for a comparative analysis between the metro Atlanta region and competing regions. The data gathered provides a benchmark for future planning. The research also helps to identify opportunities where the role of arts and culture could interface with ARC policies and areas of focus.

Assessment documents include:

County Cultural Summaries