Leadership Development

Cultivating Leaders to Meet the Region’s Challenges

What makes the difference between a good community and a great community? Often, the answer is leadership.

Informed and committed leaders serve as catalysts to transform challenges into opportunities, providing the vision and action needed to help move the Atlanta region forward and reach new heights.

ARC offers a wide variety of leadership and educational programs that provide today’s and tomorrow’s leaders with the tools and knowledge they need to meet the region’s challenges.

Developing strong regional leaders is more critical than ever.

The Atlanta region’s population is expected to reach 8 million by 2040. Metro Atlanta is also expected to become more racially and ethnically diverse, with a fast-growing population of older adults. Meanwhile, technological advances such as self-driving vehicles and the “internet of things” hold the potential for rapid change.

ARC Leadership Opportunities

  • Leadership Involvement Networking Knowledge (LINK™)
    LINK℠ is an annual leadership visit that takes the region’s most influential leaders to another metropolitan area in North America to learn about new ideas and approaches for dealing with the issues and challenges facing metro Atlanta.
  • Regional Leadership Institute (RLI)
    The Regional Leadership Institute (RLI) is a comprehensive leadership development program designed to better prepare a diverse group of community, government, business and nonprofit leaders to work collaboratively in addressing regional issues. RLI provides an intensive one-week program that trains, empowers and supports leaders so they can effect positive change in the region.
  • Arts Leaders of Metro Atlanta
    Arts Leaders of Metro Atlanta (ALMA) provides a forum for arts, corporate, civic, and philanthropic leaders from across the metro Atlanta region to come together to learn about the opportunities and challenges facing the arts, culture, and greater community.
  • Model Atlanta Regional Commission (MARC)
    The award-winning Model Atlanta Regional Commission brings together some 50 high school students from all 10 counties in the Atlanta region for six months of study, debate and hands-on activities about regional issues and challenges. This program gives students an opportunity to learn more about the community in which they live while honing their leadership skills.