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18-24 years old? Living in Gwinnett or Clayton? High school dropout? We have opportunities for you.

  • Gain work experience and secure long term-career placement
  • Obtain necessary job qualifications, such as certifications or your GED
  • Develop valuable skills through mentorship, classroom experience, and on-the-job training
  • Discover financial resources and obtain transportation assistance

For information on registration and qualification requirements visit


NextGen Program Forms

NextGen Program Application


Medical and Disability Form

Work Experience Program (WEP) Checklist

WEP Supervisor Handbook

WEP Trainee Handbook

WEP Worksite Agreement

Attestation Certification (Residence and Income)

Eligibility Checklist

Income Calculation Worksheet

Exit/Career Future Plan

NextGen Exit/End-of-Services (EOS) Checklist

NextGen Program Policies

Incentive Policy

Requires Additional Assistance Policy

State and Local Guidance

Training and Employment Guidance Letter (1)

Training and Employment Guidance Letter (2)

Training and Employment Guidance Letter (3)

Training and Employment Guidance Letter (4)

Individual Training Account (ITA) Policies

Limited English Proficiency Disability Resources Handbook

Georgia Illegal Immigration Reform and Enforcement Act

Complying With Nondiscrimination Provisions Criminal Record Restrictions

Selective Service Registration

Reporting Instances of Suspected Fraud, Program Abuse, Criminal Conduct

Tests Suitable for Use in National Reporting System

Revised Support Policies and Documentation

Emergency Assistance Support Policy

Revised Emergency Assistance Support Policy

Limited English Proficiency

EEOC Posters in English, Spanish, Chinese and Arabic

Income Guidelines

Babel Notice

WIOA Eligibility Income Changes (Includable and Excludable)

Income Inclusions and Exclusions

Instruction – Combined Individual Training Account (ITA) and On-the-Job (OJT) Training

Improving Transition Outcomes of Youth with Disabilities through Apprenticeship 

NextGen Program Training Modules

NextGen Program Special Projects