Regional Economic Competitiveness Strategy

The Atlanta region has enjoyed tremendous economic growth in recent decades and has positioned itself among the most competitive regions in the world.

Metro Atlanta has much going for it. It is home world-class universities, numerous Fortune 500 headquarters, and the world’s most travelled airport.

But the region also has its challenges. Low-income residents often struggle to climb out of poverty. Too many students fail to develop the skills they need to succeed.

ARC helped facilitate the creation of the Atlanta Regional Economic Competitiveness Strategy. The goal of this effort: providing a roadmap for navigating economic challenges while building on strengths to remain competitive for jobs and workers.

A strategy document was developed that incorporates successful strategies and initiatives from around the country. These practices are implemented through four committees that support:

The key to the continued success and economic growth of the Atlanta region is collaboration. Local governments, businesses, economic development professionals, school systems and nonprofits must work together if metro Atlanta is to remain globally competitive.

 Collaborative Leaders Working to Improve the Future

Strategy Implementation

Strategy Documents