It’s alive!

We’re not talking about Frankenstein, although the Kendeda Building for Innovative Sustainable Design is a marvel of modern science.

A picture of the Kendeda Building
The Kendeda Building for Innovative Sustainable Design at Georgia Tech

This “living building,” as it’s called, was constructed to the Living Building Challenge 3.1 certification. This designation is given to buildings that meet all 20 “imperatives” of the Living Building Challenge, which include “green” goals like net-positive water use, a healthy interior environment, and responsible sourcing of construction materials.

Built by Georgia Tech to be part educational lab and part community space, the building will host classes and research in the heart of the Tech campus.

Part of what makes the building special is that it gives back more than it takes from the environment. It’s designed to produce at least 105% of its own energy needs thanks to onsite renewable sources. It also uses only water collected and treated onsite.

The best part about this build is that it’s replicable. With local architects, engineers, and sub-contractors, the experience gained from this environmentally-advanced development will continue to benefit metro Atlanta.

The Kendeda Building is already winning accolades. It recently was named the 2019 Development of Excellence by the Atlanta Regional Commission.

As a writer, it hurts to say it, but words really don’t do this building justice. Take a look at this video to learn more about this groundbreaking building.

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