Data Dive: How Metro Atlanta Wages Have Changed — Find Yours

How has the average wage changed in your field? From registered nurses, to camera operators, to teachers’ assistants, this handy tool from 33n, Atlanta Regional Commission’s data blog, tracks average incomes, income change, and employment change in metro Atlanta professions between 2014-2017.

The data explorer also divvies professions up into high, medium, and low-income fields—allowing you to compare how wages have risen or fallen in related fields.

Check out the tool here.

Wage Changes for High, Middle, and Low-Wage Occupations
This view of the tool on the 33n post illustrates the wage changes in arts, design, entertainment, sports, and media jobs. The largest wage increase has been for occupations in the high-wage category, while wages among the lower-earning professions actually dropped.

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