ARWDB Policies & Forms

ARWDB Notices:
Demand Occupations List-May 2023
EO_Notice_WIOAupdated 10-2019 (Poster)
EO Policy and Grievance form (December 2019)

ARWDB Forms:
Acceptance Form Fee Schedule
Attendance Verification Form (first week verification)
Career and Development Goals
Childcare Attendance
Childcare/Training Attendance Record (Support Services)
Commonly Asked Questions- updated March 2021
Customer Change Notification
Employment End of Service Form
Employment Information Form
Enrollment Agreement – 11-2020
Enrollment Agreement – 11-2020  (fillable)
Enrollment Approval Letter
Estimate of obligated training and support-costs sheet (updated November 2020)
Grievance Form (December  2019)
IEP (Individual Employment Plan)
Includable and Excludable Income
Industry Decline and Limited Job Orders Job Aide (March 2023)
OCGA Affidavit
Labor Market Research form
Monthly Expense Summary
QUEST DWG Expanded Eligibility and Attestation Form (May 2023)
Release of Information Form – SCEM revised 3-26-21
Request for Enrollment (RFE) and ITA Establishment 2018 (fillable)
Resource Documentation For Support Services
Screening ONE Release and Authorization
Screening One Release and Authorization-GBI
Self Attestation for Employment Status
Skills and Experience (October 2021)
Support Service Policy Manual (April 2023)
TABE 11&12 Comprehensive Training
T.A.B.E Study Guide
Training Provider Research
Unlikely to Return to Former Industry or Occupation (May 2023)

Performance Training Materials
Measurable Skill Gains – PPT  June 2020
Measurable Skills Gain-reference guide June 2020

ARWDB Policies & Procedures Manual
WorkSource Georgia Policy Manual (February 15, 2024)  visit TCSG site for updated versions:
Airline Pilot Retraining Policy 2016
ARWDB Background Checks and Drug Screening 2016
Career Industry Changer 
Certified Financial Planner
CDL Heavy and Tractor Trailer (CDE) 3-2016
Criminal Record Policies
Guidance CDL Applicants With Felony Conviction 2016
Distance Learning 2016
Financial Coordination Policy (updated July 2020)
Human Resources Training Guidelines
ITA Policy – (Board Approved 8-27-2020)
Law Enforcement Training 2016
Limited English Proficiency Service Plan
Pick Up Policy March 2016
Priority of Service (January 2021)
PMP and CAPM Training – Updated Policy 10-2023
Rapid Response
Records Retention ARWDB procedures rev 5-2018
Selective Service Guidance – July 2020added 7-2020
Self Sufficiency Policy 2016
Support Service Policy Manual (April 2023)
Ultrasound and Sonography Training 

Training Programs Requiring Special Activities for Approval:
Certified Nurse Assistant Training Requirements
Certified Financial Planner Training Certification Guidelines
CDL – Heavy Tractor Trailer Equipment Operators
Human Resources Training Guidelines
Information Technology Training 2017
PMP and CAPM Training – Updated Policy 10-2023
Ultrasound and Sonography Training March 2016
Section 7 – Work-Based Training – On-the-Job, Customized, Work Experience and other services.   Go to Business Services on the ARC website:
Follow-up Policy 12-1-2020

SDA Instructions

Income Guideline Chart PY 21-22 as of 4-27-2021
18-06 Combined ITA and OJT 09/1/2018
17-04 Includable and Excludable Income 12/1/17
17-03 Babel Notice 8/18/17
17-02 Revised Grievance Procedures 6/14/17
16-03 EEOC Posters 5/3/16
16-02 Limited English Proficiency 5/10/16
15-08 Emergency Assistance Support Policy 8/31/15
15-07 Adult Eligibility WIOA 7/20/15
15-06 Sex Steroeotyping Discrimination 6/19/15
15-05 Training Related Placements 5/13/15
15-04 Time Frames for Training Consideration 5/13/15
15-01 Application Procedures for CDL 1/26/2015
14-05 Nondiscrimination Provisions Credit History and Long Term Unemployment 11/13/2014
14-03 Revised Support Policies and Documentation 8/4/2014
12-15 Self-Sufficiency Policy, Occupational Training Options, Procuring Skills Training in Basic Law Enforcement 10/24/2012
12-13 CDL Applicants with Felony Conviction 10/2/2012
12-12 Tests Suitable for Use in National Reporting System 9/28/2012
12-11 Distance Learning 9/27/2012
12-10 Procurement Policies for (1) pre-vocational skills training (2) insufficient number of training providers (3) critical shortage healthcare career 9/17/2012
12-09 Background Checks and Drug Screening, Commercial Truck Driver Training, Customer Background Check Policy, Criminal Background Checks 8/25/2012
12-08 Reporting Instances Suspected Fraud, Program Abuse, Criminal Conduct 7/20/2012
12-07 Selective Service Registration 7/20/2012
12-06 Criminal Record Restrictions 7/17/2012
12-05 Update TEGL 39-11: Guidance on the Handling and Protection of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) 7/6/2012
12-01 Language Translation Resources 2/7/2012

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