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Webinars / Priming Your Community For Place-Based Economic Development

Tue, Jul 28 - 2:30 pm

Priming Your Community For Place-Based Economic Development

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Category: Finances

Place-based economic development is the art of strategically identifying and working with community assets and stakeholders to develop public and private spaces with the goal of attracting new investment, strengthening existing businesses, and creating a cohesive community vision. This webinar will provide best practices for implementing place-based economic development, while highlighting examples in Georgia as a panel of practitioners will share their experiences implanting place-base projects and initiatives.


Tue, July 28, 2020
2:30-3:30 PM

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Mayor, Matt Seale

Matt Seale (Moderator)Mayor, City of Ocilla

Stephanie Aylworth

Stephanie AylworthEconomic Development Manager, Georgia Municipal Association

Sadie Krawczyk

Sadie KrawczykEconomic Development Director, City of Monroe

Courtney Harcourt

Courtney HarcourtMain Street Manager, City of Newnan

Dorian McDuffie

Dorian McDuffiePublic Art Project Manager - Atlanta City Studio, City of Atlanta Department of City Planning

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