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Webinars / Energy Scenario Planning for Cities & Counties Workshop

Fri, May 6 - 1:00 pm

Energy Scenario Planning for Cities & Counties Workshop

World connecting different aspects of creating green energy

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Data-driven decision-making can empower communities to invest resources in the most impactful and cost-efficient way. With the passage of the bipartisan infrastructure law, new resources are now becoming available for local governments, which makes this an especially important time for communities to be setting clean energy goals and planning how to use resources effectively. This workshop will highlight two complementary tools. The SLOPE Scenario Planner allows users to build, view, and compare energy scenarios through the year 2050. Join us in this NREL workshop to discover:

  • what will it mean for your community as the grid is decarbonized,
  • as more drivers choose electric vehicles,
  • as building heating is electrified,
  • and energy loads become more flexible?

You will explore energy consumption, carbon emissions and system costs for your county during the live demo. Workshop participants will also gain hands-on experience with the SLOPE Data Viewer, which can augment the Scenario Planner discussion with data about solar technical potential, energy efficiency, transportation and more.


Fri, May 6, 2022
1:00-2:30 PM

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Dr. Katie RichardsonDeputy Director Government Relations, NREL

Dr. Katie Richardson serves as the Deputy Director Government Relations for NREL, where she delivers laboratory expertise and decision support to equitably transition communities to clean energy systems. She also leads the State and Local Planning for Energy or SLOPE platform team, NREL’s Investor Advisory Board and the lab’s partnerships with foundations. Katie holds a doctorate in physics.

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