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Webinars / Adapting Municipal Budgets in Response to COVID-19

Tue, Jun 2 - 2:30 pm - 1 hr

Adapting Municipal Budgets in Response to COVID-19

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Category: Finances, COVID-19

COVID-19 has local governments across the country and the Atlanta region bracing for substantial impacts to their budgets. The City of Atlanta alone expects the pandemic to cost up to $40 million, with an 80% drop in hotel-motel tax collection and an expenditure of at least $17 million for coronavirus-related costs. This webinar will focus on the fiscal impacts our local governments have already witnessed and those they anticipate in the near future, as well as the innovative ways in which they are addressing those budget shortfalls.


Tue, June 2, 2020
2:30-3:30 PM

1 hr

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Kay LoveManaging Director of Georgia City Solutions at the Georgia Municipal Association

Jon WalkerCity of Chamblee City Manager

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