TIP Amendment

The Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) is the mechanism by which federal, state and local funds are approved for all significant surface transportation projects and programs in the region. The FY 2020-2025 TIP comprises the first six years of the Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP) for the Atlanta region. As the federally recognized Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) for a 20-county region, ARC is responsible for developing and amending/updating the TIP and MTP to meet federal planning requirements and address local needs.

Currently, staff are compiling changes to be considered for an amendment to the TIP.

Purpose of Amendment 7

  1. Implement financial and schedule changes ahead of FY 2023 closeout
  2. Assist GDOT with ongoing STIP rebalancing efforts
  3. Incorporate financial and schedule changes to the GDOT Major Mobility Investment Program (MMIP)
  4. Address project cost estimate and programmatic changes that are of a time sensitive nature or cannot be handled administratively.

All amendments require a conformity determination from the US DOT, in consultation with the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). This amendment is expected to receive an updated conformity determination by the US DOT and US EPA by June 2023. The most recent conformity determination was issued by US DOT and US EPA on January 4, 2023.


Amendment materials are under development and will be linked below when available ahead of the public comment period.


NOTE:  The public review and comment period was extended (original end date April 14; new end date April 25) to allow additional time to consider a financial change to GW-389A (I-85 North at McGinnis Ferry Road – New Interchange) which was requested by GDOT following the initiation of the comment period on March 16.

  • Public Review and Comment Period – March 16, 2023 to April 25, 2023
  • Public Hearing – April 7 (Transportation Coordinating Committee meeting)
  • Committee and Board Action:
  • Conformity Determination Expected from US DOT – Expected early June 2023

Public Comments

The public comment period is now closed.