Regional Transportation Plan

The Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) is a long-range blueprint that prioritizes spending on transportation projects in the 20-county Atlanta region through 2050.

The RTP is developed by the Atlanta Regional Commission, which is the federally designated Metropolitan Planning Organization for metro Atlanta, along with the region’s transportation agencies and local governments. The boundaries of the Atlanta MPO can be explored in this interactive map.

The RTP is updated every four years and is the transportation element of the Atlanta Region’s Plan, the region’s comprehensive, long-range plan. Transportation projects seeking federal funding must be included in the RTP, along with any projects that might impact air quality.

The current RTP invests approximately $170 billion through 2050 to maintain and improve roads, highways, transit, and bicycling/walking facilities in metro Atlanta. About 59% of the funding will be used to maintain and modernize the region’s existing transportation systems, while 22% is programmed for major system expansion projects.  About 6% will be used for demand management programs, including expanding walking and biking networks, telecommuting programs, and land use planning. The remaining 13% is reserved for agency administrative expenses and a contingency fund for project cost increases.

RTP Documents

All RTP documents including the Conformity Determination Report and Model Documentation can be found on the Atlanta Region’s Plan website.

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Documents last updated December 2022.

Transportation Improvement Program

The Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) is the short-term portion of the RTP, covering a six-year period. The TIP allocates federal funds for the region’s highest-priority transportation projects. 

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