Regional Transit Planning and Coordination

The Atlanta Regional Commission , working with regional transportation partners and service providers, reviews, analyzes and incorporates transit projects into the Regional Transportation Plan, which allocates federal dollars to the highest priority projects.

The Atlanta Region’s Plan, ARC’s long-range plan, includes $10.9 billion for potential transit expansion projects through 2050.  The incremental 0.5 cent More MARTA tax approved by residents of the City of Atlanta will result in several new light rail and bus rapid transit corridors.  Commuter rail is planned to link East Point and Clayton County.  And several major roadway corridors, including SR 400, I-20 East, I-285 North, Cobb Parkway / I-75 North, Satellite Boulevard and South Fulton Parkway will be complemented with premium high capacity transit services.

While most of these are scheduled in the later years of the planning horizon, the timing of certain transit expansion projects are likely to be accelerated with recent developments such as Clayton County joining the MARTA system and the resident of the City of Atlanta passing a referendum that increases the MARTA sales tax by an extra one-half percent.

In addition, ARC and the Atlanta-Region Transit Link Authority (ATL) guide the planning and implementation of Concept 3, in conjunction with the Atlanta Regional Transit Plan (ARTP) and the long-range Transportation Plan (RTP).

Existing Regional Transit System Data

(for web developers and transit professionals)

ARC provides data for developers and other interested parties to create applications for desktop, web or mobile devices. ARC’s Open Data website provides access to the General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) files for the Atlanta region’s fixed route, shuttle and circulator operators.

To download the latest regional transit datasets (e.g., complete route and stop datasets), visit the Open Data website and search “gtfs.”

+GTFS externally hosted on respective agency websites.
**GRTA GTFS and GIS data sets for Routes 410, 412 & 418 are included in GCT GTFS file.

Transit Asset Management Planning

Transit operators are required to produce plans that identify the current and future target conditions of its vehicles, tracks and other capital assets.  Operators may produce their own individual plans, but smaller operators have the option of participating in a group plan instead.  ARC sponsored the preparation of a Tier II Group Plan for four of the region’s smaller transit services providers:  Gwinnett County Transit, Henry County Transit, Douglas County Rideshare, and the Center for Pan Asian Community Services.