CTP Program

The transportation element of The Atlanta Region’s Plan, known as the Regional Transportation Plan (RTP), is one of the key final outcomes of ARC’s planning responsibilities.  But the RTP isn’t created in a vacuum. It must reflect the needs and priorities of a vast number of stakeholders, from the federal and state levels all the way down to counties, cities and neighborhoods.

The primary way in which the RTP’s recommendations are shaped to address issues at a local level is through the Comprehensive Transportation Plan (CTP) program. Since 2005, ARC has made federal funding available to assist counties and cities in developing joint long-range transportation plans. While participation in the program is voluntary, most jurisdictions are active participants and have found the program to be a valuable resource in understanding their needs, identifying solutions, establishing priorities, and defining a course of action to get much-needed projects funded and built.

Program Goals

  • Assist local governments with local transportation plans
  • Help local jurisdictions identify local priorities and community vision
  • Establish relationships between local transportation expectations with regional expectations
  • Help support Comprehensive Plans

Program Overview

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