Regional Safety Strategy

The Regional Safety Strategy (RSS) is a regional safety action plan to help the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) and its partners proactively achieve safety goals and build a safe transportation system for all users in the Atlanta region. Based on a data-informed analysis, the RSS identifies safety issues and specific actions for local agencies to proactively improve safety. The RSS includes recommendations for both motorized and active modes as well as other elements—land use, regional transit, multiuse trails, or other community factors—to create a comprehensive course of action. The RSS addresses federal and state regulations, including safety performance management goals, measures, and targets. It also expands ARC’s safety planning toolbox by providing both a regional and local framework to encourage all agencies to work cohesively toward common safety goals and equitable outcomes.

The RSS advances safety in ARC’s plans and processes, building upon strategies in ARC publications like “The Atlanta Region’s Plan – Regional Transportation Plan” (ARC 2020) and “Safe Streets for Walking and Bicycling” (ARC 2019). These plans introduce important safety concepts, such as the Safe System Approach, the goal of zero traffic deaths and serious injuries across the region, and employing a proactive, data-informed approach to safety that are all furthered in the RSS. The RSS provides the transportation safety action plan for the Atlanta region and will inform future updates to the Regional Transportation Plan (RTP), Transportation Improvement Program (TIP), and other ARC-led plans and programs.

2022 Regional Safety Strategy report cover thumbnail

2022 Atlanta Regional Commission Regional Safety Strategy

Released in Fall 2022, this comprehensive guide for regional and local planning efforts focuses on reducing the number of deaths and injuries on our roadways. This data-informed analysis will steer policy and funding decisions on future plans, programs, and infrastructure investments, and has further committed the region to Vision Zero.

Risk Factors Web Map Resource

ARC Regional Safety Strategy Risk Factors Web Mapping Tool

ARC's Risk Factors Web Map resource shows corridors and intersections at high risk for severe crashes by considering the presence of risky roadway design and community elements. They do not represent causal relationships but help to identify locations with the greatest potential for safety improvement and the greatest need for investment.

The Regional Safety Task Force

ARC is committed to a regional safety approach to eliminate fatal and serious injuries crashes that is data-driven, proactive, and aggressive. ARC is convening a Regional Safety Task Force (RSTF) in order to lead the region towards zero traffic deaths. RSTF will help ARC:

  • establish a regional safety vision
  • identify actionable strategies and resources
  • track our progress toward meeting regional safety targets
  • promote better transportation project development
  • promote a culture of safety.

More information including meeting dates and materials can be found on the Regional Safety Task Force page.