Freight Advisory Taskforce

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The Freight Advisory Task Force was established in 2003 as part of the ARC regional planning process. The Task Force meets periodically throughout the year. The general membership of public/private sector freight representatives include railroads, trucking, airport, chambers of commerce, and community improvement districts. The Task Force provides a forum for dialogue between the freight community and the public sector on freight and goods movement issues.

Taskforce Goals

  • Improve goods and services movement in the region
  • Improve reliability of goods movement
  • Minimize the cost of goods movement
  • Improve characteristics of transportation system for freight movement

Taskforce Objectives

  • Provide input on policies and improvements for freight mobility
  • Identify freight mobility characteristics and needs
  • Highlight the significance of freight to the region
  • Improve safety of the transportation system
  • Prioritize freight transportation needs and investments

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