Atlanta Regional Truck Parking Assessment Study

The Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) conducted the Atlanta Regional Truck Parking Assessment Study for the 20-county Metro Atlanta region from March 2017 through March 2018.  This study was prompted as a recommendation from the 2016 Atlanta Regional Freight Mobility Plan Update, based on information gathered about truck parking demand from local, regional, and federal sources.  During that planning process, many cities and counties in the Atlanta Region identified truck parking as an issue in their jurisdiction.  This has also been a focus for the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), particularly through the Jason’s Law Truck Parking Survey and related efforts.

ARC worked with GDOT, FHWA, transportation planners/engineers throughout the region, Community Improvement Districts (CIDs), and members of the private sector to conduct this study.  These efforts culminated in a report that contains an existing conditions analysis, a needs assessment, and potential recommendations for both infrastructure projects and policies that could be implemented to address truck parking needs across the Atlanta Region.

The study’s goals and objectives, existing conditions assessment, and other information were included in this May 2017 presentation to the ARC Transportation Coordinating Committee. The study’s Needs Assessment analysis was presented in the August 2017 presentation, and the study’s recommendations were presented in the November 2017 presentation.

Atlanta Regional Truck Parking Assessment Study

Also available for separate download are the Executive Summary and the Appendix.