Transportation Demand Management Coordinating Committee

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The TDM CC serves as a high-level advisory and thought leadership committee to the TAQC and those involved in TDM in the region such as the Mobility Services Group, TMAs, transit organizations, local governments and others. Aligned with the Regional Plan, the TDM CC focuses on improving transit and non-single occupant vehicle travel options by encouraging alternative commute options. The committee also supports other core goals of the TDM Plan, including the promotion of livability, sustainability, transit, walking and biking, transportation and land use planning, systems operations, economic development, climate change, healthy communities, and active aging.

Meeting Archives


Bert Brantley – Georgia Department of Economic Development

Dennis Bruce – Tangonet Solutions

Thomas Cerny – AECOM

Ronald Lewis Cooksey – Gwinnett County

Katrina DeBerry – Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta

Daniel Dolder – GDOT– Office of Planning

Andrew Edwards – FHWA GA Division

Jeffrey Elsey (Smith) – Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc.

Aaron Fowler – Georgia Institute of Technology

Joddie Gray – UrbanTrans

Gil Grodzinsky – Georgia Environmental Protection Division

Scott Haggard – Atlanta-Region Transit Link Authority (ATL)

Dan Hourigan – Midtown Alliance

Jennifer Jinadu-Wright – MARTA

Habte Kassa – GDOT – Office of Planning

Scott Kemp – Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Gerald McDowell – Aerotropolis Atlanta CIDs

Kaycee Mertz – GDOT – Intermodal Division

Eric Meyer – Cobb County DOT

Patricia Mokhtarian – Georgia Institute of Technology

Kirsten Mote – Aerotropolis Atlanta Community Improvement District

Shayna Pollock – Central Atlanta Progress/Atlanta Downtown Improvement District

Ronald M Roberts, Jr. – Douglas County

Kay Sibetta – AARP Georgia

Denise W. Starling – Livable Buckhead

Kirk Talbott – MARTA

Christopher Tomlinson – Atlanta-Region Transit Link Authority

Jerry Travers – Bank of America

Ricardo Vera – NCR Corporation

Andrew Walter – City of Atlanta

Sarah Wilgus – JLL- VMware Account

Karen A Winger – Gwinnett County

Jidong J. Yang – University of Georgia