2022 RLI Resources

2022 Regional Leadership Institute Program Resources

This page includes resources for the 2022 RLI program, including references and schedule information.

Overview & Week Resources

Graphic of the three RLI pillars, I
RLI Pillars

RLI Pillars

RLI is organized around three key pillars: intersections, equity, and community.

These pillars represent a throughline connecting the activities and discussions that will take place during the six-day program.

Flower-shaped flow chart of equity process
Chart of the Liberatory Design Equity Process

Liberatory Design for Equity Process

The Liberatory Design for Equity Process includes three habits and eight modes. The habits are: see, engage, act

The eight modes are: see the system, empathize, define, inquire, imagine, prototype, try, and notice & reflect. 

We will explore the habits and modes over the course of the week.

Daily Schedules & Resources


Day 1: Sunday, September 18

11:30 a.m. – 7:30 p.m.

Agenda (244 KB)

Day Overview

Building Community and Deepening Empathy

Liberatory Design Mode: Empathize

Liberatory Design Mindsets:

  • Build Relational Trust
  • Practice Self-Awareness


Mike Alexander, Atlanta Regional Commission

Kerry Armstrong, Atlanta Regional Commission

Ariel Fristoe, Out of Hand Theater

Darrell Grant, Actor

Anna Roach, Atlanta Regional Commission

View bios in the RLI book starting on page 11


Liberatory Design

Liberatory Design is a creative problem-solving approach and practice that centers equity and supports us to design for liberation. It is made up of mindsets and modes. Liberatory Design generates self-awareness to liberate designers from habits that perpetuate inequity, shifts the relationship between the people who hold power to design and those impacted, fosters learning and agency for those involved in and influenced by the design work, and creates conditions for collective liberation.


Equitable Dinners Atlanta

A collaborative city-wide event combining the arts, local history, and conversation to inspire positive action for moving forward together.


Importance of Targeted Universalism (308 KB)

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