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Providing better transportation options and securing a sustainable water supply

The Atlanta region is a dynamic place, with a rapidly growing population that is getting more diverse and older as well, as baby boomers age and life spans increase. Residents of all ages and abilities are demanding a better quality of life. They’re seeking vibrant, walkable communities, greater access to parks and greenspace and improved housing options, including the ability for older adults to age in place.

Ensuring a comprehensive transportation network, incorporating regional transit and 21st century technology

People waiting for a MARTA train

The Atlanta region was born as a transportation hub and remains a logistics center, boasting the nation’s ninth-largest public transit system, the convergence of three major Interstate highways, and the world’s busiest airport. Developing this robust infrastructure took proactive planning and investment.

The challenge of maintaining and expanding our region’s transportation systems is greater than ever. The Atlanta Region’s Plan includes an investment of about $173 billion in federal, state and local funds to improve our region’s transportation infrastructure, providing new choices for residents and keeping our economy competitive.

The Atlanta Region’s Plan acknowledges we can’t build our way out of congestion. No region can. In many ways, congestion is a byproduct of a healthy economy.

But that doesn’t mean things can’t improve. A balanced approach can make a real difference. The Atlanta Region’s Plan presents a seven-point plan for improving mobility in metro Atlanta:

  • Reducing demand on the transportation system through alternative commuting options such as carpooling and teleworking
  • Supporting growth and development programs such as the Livable Centers Initiative and transit oriented development
  • Expanding walking and bicycling options
  • Improving safety for all travelers
  • Undertaking strategic road and interchange improvements, including expansion of the express lane network
  • Designing projects to support freight movement
  • Increasing transit options

Action Items

Secured, long-term water supply

Chattahoochee River

A clean abundant water supply is vital to the continued prosperity of the Atlanta region. Innovative approaches for better managing the supply and quality of our water resources support economic growth while also preserving the region’s natural resources. This type of integrated water management, which includes a robust education program, is a key focus of the Metropolitan North Georgia Water Planning District’s 2016 Plan Update.

In planning for future investments in the Atlanta region’s infrastructure, new approaches, such as addressing resiliency, must be considered to ensure those investments can adapt to changing conditions.

Innovative practices, such as green infrastructure which better mimics natural conditions, is a nationally recognized approach for protecting water resources and infrastructure from current and future challenges. The Atlanta Region’s Plan encourages coordination between governmental bodies to develop sustainable solutions that safeguard public expenditures.

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