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Improving quality of life for residents of all ages and abilities

A strong, growing economy is essential to the success of any region. To ensure that metro Atlanta’s economy remains thriving and competitive into the future, the region must take steps to become a globally recognized hub of innovation and prosperity. The region also must also invest in its greatest resource, its people, to develop a highly educated and skilled workforce that is able to meet the needs of 21st century employers.

Building the region as a globally recognized hub of innovation and prosperity

Skilled worker

Over the last few decades, logistics, hospitality, information technology and life sciences have blossomed in the Atlanta region. Incentivizing start-up opportunities and local business development and expanding successful ventures will ensure continued prosperity. The Atlanta Region’s Plan seeks to further improve the region’s economic viability by preserving access to key intermodal freight facilities and by advancing policies that make the region more attractive to business.

The Atlanta Region’s Plan also encourages developing and enhancing existing and emerging employment centers, which serve as the backbone of the region’s economy, through improvements in transportation and land use.

Action Items