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NextGen Program (NGP) staff provides training to assist NextGen Service Providers (NGSPs) in service delivery and required case management of NextGen participant files. Here you will find information regarding NextGen Program eligibility, policies, and performance requirements. Policies and procedures are updated as needed to reflect federal and state mandates. NGSPs will be informed when changes are made to the training.

Note: Any new NGSP staff MUST watch all training modules on this site before providing NextGen Program services.

Note: Any new NGSP staff MUST watch all training modules on this site before providing NextGen Program services.

Structure of the NextGen Program

Review the structure NextGen Program and basic service delivery requirements. Includes details information regarding the Standing Committee.

The Intake Process

Learn fundamentals of the Intake Process from Recruitment to conducting initial assessments. Includes details regarding the Objective Assessment and the NEW Objective Assessment form.

Eligibility Requirements

Deep dive in to Eligibility Requirements at enrollment. Includes details regarding the Requires Additional Assistance (RAA) Policy and Low-Income requirements. Review updatedNextGen Application, Eligibility Checklist and other eligibility forms.

VOS File Creation

Walk through creating a file in the NextGen case management system, WorkSource GA Portal/Virtual One-Stop (VOS). Including steps to complete a VOS application, upload documents, add Activity codes and add assessment scores.

Service Plan Development & Case Notes

Understand the significance of the Service Plan and develop the initial Service Plan (SP/ISS/ISP) utilizing the Objective Assessment. Review case note requirements and add case notes in VOS.

The Supportive Services (SS) Process

Learn the process for requesting and providing supportive services. Includes details regarding the Supportive Services Request Form and reconciling Supportive Services in VOS.

The Work Experience Program (WEP)

Explore components of the Work Experience Program including an overview of the WEx Policy, adding WEx to the Service Plan, WEx forms, and case managing WEx in VOS. Review updates to the WEx agreements and handbooks.

Performance Requirements

Understand performance requirements for the NextGen Program and review NextGen monitoring tools, including Monthly VOS reports, the Goal Sheet, and file review.

The Credential Attainment Process

Become familiar with the Credential Attainment process from Federal/State requirements to proper documentation in VOS. Includes a quick overview of Individual Training Accounts (ITA) and the Eligible Training Provider List (ETPL).

The Exit Process & Follow-Up (FU)

Walk through the Exiting Process (transitioning participants out of the program) and Follow-Up requirements for one year after exit. Includes overview of updated Exit forms.