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CATLYST Affordable Housing Work Group Opportunities

Posted on: May 31, 2018

Thank you for staying engaged as we continue to kick off our CATLYST projects throughout the summer. As we gear up to launch the Affordable Housing work group, we have 2 great opportunities for you:

  1. The first CATLYST Civic Dinner is LIVE and we are looking for leaders interested in serving as a Civic Dinner Host!  ARC’s civic dinner conversation on Affordable Housing has been posted at civicdinners/ARC.  Visit the Affordable Housing conversation card and sign up to host a dinner or join an existing dinner – contact Ashley with any questions or for assistance. All ideas and input from these dinner conversations will feed straight into the Affordable Housing Strategy work group when it convenes in late summer.
  2. We’re passing along an invitation to the upcoming Atlanta Regional Housing Forum taking place next Wednesday, June 6. 

The Forum features an array of panelists who offer a regional perspective on questions around retaining housing affordability, and an overview of the work currently underway on affordable housing in the region. CATLYST is working with these regional partners to identify existing work to build off as we begin convening and collaborating to develop a unified framework for a Regional Housing Strategy later this summer.

We encourage you to review the agenda for the Forum and attend in order to gain a broader perspective of affordable housing, which will be useful in guiding CATLYST conversations. See the agenda and be sure to register!

Please stay tuned for more information on the launch of the Affordable Housing Strategy work group, and check out the videos below if you want more information on our four working groups.