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An Exciting New Engagement Opportunity for CATLYST

Posted on: Apr 30, 2018

We’re gearing up for a summer full of activity as the four CATLYST project teams get underway.

CATLYST staff has been meeting with existing Affordable Housing groups to see how CATLYST can work alongside their efforts to develop a Regional Housing Strategy. This will be the first project to launch this summer, so expect info to start hitting your inbox in coming weeks.

As these efforts get off the ground, I’m excited to tell you about a fresh new way to connect with these CATLYST projects that we want you to be the first to know about.

This spring, we’re kicking off three new ARC Civic Dinner conversations focusing on the issues at the heart of the CATLYST effort, and we’re hoping you’ll take an active role. The first CATLYST conversation to launch will support the work of the Healthy and Housed group. The Affordable Housing conversation will launch in early May. Stay tuned…There are more to come!

“What’s a Civic Dinner?” you say?
ARC Civic Dinners are simple. Six to 10 people get together for a good meal and a focused discussion about an issue that’s key to our region’s future. Three simple questions prompt thoughtful, personal responses. You can host at home, at a restaurant, or anywhere you choose.

A Chance to Get Involved and Make a Difference
Input from these dinners will feed straight into each CATLYST project as those teams convene and implement their work—in addition, they will help inform the next Atlanta Region’s Plan, ARC’s blueprint for the future of metro Atlanta.

Engage the public. Broaden your network. And, have a great time discussing the issues you’re passionate about. Interested?

If you can't wait, here's more on ARC Civic Dinners right now…

Do stay tuned. There’s more to come.

And if you need a refresher about our four working groups, check out our videos!