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Atlanta Journal-Constitution Highlights New ARC Speaker Series, What’s Next ATL

Posted on: Dec 11, 2017

Eloisa Klementich gives a What's Next ATL talk at the State of the Region Breakfast.
Eloisa Klementich gives a What’s Next ATL talk at the State of the Region Breakfast.

What does the future hold for metro Atlanta?

That’s the tantalizing question behind the What’s Next ATL talks, unveiled at the State of the Region Breakfast. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution published three talks as op-eds in a recent issue, along with an editorial from AJC editorial editor Andre Jackson, highlighting the series. Jackson writes:

Metro Atlanta and its leaders have historically done a very good job of setting the pace…to position this place for tomorrow’s opportunities. We can’t afford to lag now.

All of which makes intriguing a series of talks that the Atlanta Regional Commission have gotten underway…

Given how quickly ideas that seem far-outside-the-box can zip toward mainstream reality in today’s fast-moving world, we applaud this effort to look ahead and embrace the future’s opportunities and challenges. Atlanta certainly can’t afford to fall behind in this regard.

The paper featured three talks — from Eloisa Klementich, Wanis Kabbaj, and Ellen Dunham-Jones — that took place at ARC’s State of the Region Breakfast.

  • Ellen Dunham-Jones, director of the Urban Design Program at Georgia Tech.
  • Ellen Dunham-Jones

  • Wanis Kabbaj, director of global strategy for healthcare logistics at UPS.
  • Wanis Kabbaj

  • Eloisa Klementich, president and CEO of Invest Atlanta.
  • Eloisa Klementich