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ARC Receives Federal Contract to Improve Transportation Accessibility and Efficiency for People With Disabilities and Older Adults


Metro Atlanta one of five nationally to receive federal funding through 'Complete Trip-ITS4US' program

Atlanta — Feb 26, 2021

The Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) today announced that it has received the first phase of a $9.3 million contract from the U.S. Department of Transportation to develop a “Complete Trip-ITS4US” project designed to improve transportation for older adults and people with disabilities.

The project will provide detailed information and step-by-step navigation tailored for user’s specific needs, along with a range of other features geared to improve trip efficiency and safety. The pilot project will be developed over the next two years and will focus on residents in Gwinnett County.

Program features include:

  • A connected mobility platform equipped with real-time network information that suggests route changes throughout the user’s trip and updates conditions with crowd-sourced tools
  • Integration with connected vehicle infrastructure to hold pedestrian signals longer and alert drivers to their presence
  • A mobile app, available in multiple languages, that helps travelers safely cross intersections, request transit connections, and identify safe boarding locations
  • Wayfinding and navigation that incorporates all walking paths, providing more reliable connections
  • A prioritization system that gives buses running behind schedule higher priority when a vulnerable road user is on the bus or waiting at a stop
  • Routes that utilize sidewalk condition information and are tailored to the user’s specific needs

“We know that older adults and people with disabilities in the Atlanta region are in need of better transportation options,” said Mike Alexander, Senior Director of ARC’s Center for Livable Communities. “The Complete Trip project leverages the latest in transportation technology, such as connected vehicles, ‘smart’ traffic lights, and trip navigation tools, to provide a much-improved travel experience that increases independence and autonomy.”

ARC’s project partners are the Atlanta-region Transit Link Authority, Georgia Department of Transportation, Georgia Institute of Technology, GO Systems and Solutions, Gwinnett County, IBI Group, Kimley-Horn, and Statewide Independent Living Council of Georgia.

The funding comes from the federal Complete Trip – ITS4US program, which supports independent mobility for all travelers through innovative partnerships, technologies, and practices.

ARC is one of five groups nationally to receive Complete Trip funding. The others are: Heart of Iowa Regional Transit Agency; California Association of Coordinated Transportation; University of Washington; and ICF International, which will focus on downtown Buffalo, NY.

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