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Take Part in an ARC Civic Dinner and Help Shape the Atlanta Region’s Future

Posted on: Nov 03, 2017

Civic Dinner example

Many of us are seeking civil dialogue these days, and avenues to have our voices heard about the issues that matter to us.

A new program provides all that, plus a good meal, too. It’s called Civic Dinners™.

ARC has partnered with Atlanta-based Civic Dinners to give metro Atlanta residents the opportunity to break bread together while having focused, meaningful conversations about issues that matter.

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ARC Civic Dinners Make a Difference

The dinners are meant to be fun, and they’re designed to break down barriers. They’re also critically important.

Your input will help ARC and other regional organizations understand what matters to metro Atlantans as the region begins the important work of updating the Atlanta Region’s Plan, the long-range blueprint for the future of metro Atlanta.

How it Works

Anyone can host a civic dinner. Just invite six to 10 people – friends from work, church, the neighborhood, or people you just want to get to know better.

We recommend gathering a diverse group. Stepping outside your social circle will make for a more productive experience. Host can open the event to the public or curate their own guest list.

The host chooses one of three topics to explore: mobility, livability, or prosperity.

Host Guides Make It Easy

We provide hosts with guides containing detailed instructions for facilitating each conversation. The guides encourage deep dives, personal responses, and a supportive atmosphere.

No cooking lessons are required either. You can host a civic dinner at your local taco joint, throw some burgers on the grill, order pizzas, or serve up a gourmet feast. It’s your dinner, your choice.

Everyone pays for their own meal or brings a dish if it is potluck, so there is no cost burden on the host.

Everyone’s Voice Matters

Having equal time to share prevents any one voice from dominating the conversation. There is no speaker, special guest or ego at the table. Instead, everyone’s voice matters and is given equal time to share.

The conversations are set up so that one person speaks at a time, to allow everyone to feel heard. This isn’t the time for debate. Instead it’s an opportunity to listen and be respectful of everyone’s perspective.

Interested in hosting, being a guest, or learning more? Visit the ARC page on the Civic Dinners site or email

We hope to see you around a table soon! Cheers!