Metropolitan North Georgia Water Planning District

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Conserving and Protecting Our Water Supply

A safe, reliable supply of clean water is vital to our region’s economic vitality and quality of life.

The Metropolitan North Georgia Water Planning District (Metro Water District), staffed by the Atlanta Regional Commission, was created in 2001 and includes 15 counties and 95 cities. The Atlanta region is the only major metropolitan area in the country with more than 100 jurisdictions implementing a long-term comprehensive water management program that is required and enforced.

The Metro Water District has implemented one of the most comprehensive regional water management plans in the country, covering water supply and conservation, watershed protection, wastewater management and public education.

The Metro Water District’s works to ensure the continued success of this long-term water management program by:

  • Establishing strategies for water supply and conservation, watershed and wastewater management through the Water Resource Management Plan, which provides an integrated, holistic approach to water resource management that protects water quality, supply and recreational values — both within the region and for our downstream neighbors.
  • Providing technical and implementation assistance to member jurisdictions across a broad range of water resource planning areas through the Technical Assistance Program (TAP)
  • Conducting extensive education and outreach activities, including facilitating two outreach campaigns to educate the district’s residents about conservation, water efficiency and stormwater issues: My Drop Counts and the Clean Water Campaign
  • Developing the Georgia Stormwater Management Manual , also known as “The Blue Book,” which provides guidance to local and county governments on stormwater management policy, technical design standards and pollution prevention.

Conserving Our Water

The Metro Water District’s Water Supply and Conservation Plan demonstrates the region’s commitment to making water conservation and protection a priority. Since 2001, water use in the Metro Water District has dropped by more than 10 percent despite a population increase of more than one million.

Key conservation measures include:

  • A toilet rebate program that has replaced more than 120,000 inefficient toilets
  • ‘Tiered’ pricing that charges higher rates the more water is used to encourage conservation
  • Advanced leak detection that has helped repair more than 23,000 leaks since 2012

Protecting Our Water

Access to clean water is important for our safety and vitality. Stormwater and wastewater management are critical to prevent water pollution and ensure the health of our ecosystems

Stormwater management

Rainfall that has collected contaminants as it makes its way to our waterways as well as wastewater or sewage from homes, industries and businesses can all impact the quality of our water. Proper planning and pollution prevention are key to protecting the water in our region. Learn more

Wastewater management

The effective infrastructure and wastewater treatment planning by the Metro Water District supports the return of safe, high-quality water to our reservoirs. Learn more

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