Public Participation Plans and Guidelines

Public Participation Plans and Guidelines

ARC continuously seeks public involvement in its activities, programs and plans. 

ARC regularly reports on public comments received, online survey results, and evaluations of ARC’s outreach efforts regarding the Atlanta Region’s Plan. 

ARC’s Regional Transportation Community Engagement Plan

For outreach related to the regional transportation and land use planning process, ARC follows guidelines established in the Regional Transportation Community Engagement Plan.

This document supplies the vision and goals for community engagement in alignment with the ARC Strategic Plan and serves as the Public Participation Plan for ARC in its role as the Metropolitan Planning Organization

This plan has been revamped into a series of user-friendly, graphical modules, customized for various audiences. It is hoped that this plan, updated into this series of guidebooks will serve as a useful tool for advocates, neighborhood groups and the general public, as well as, elected officials, and transportation planning staff.

The Regional Transportation Community Engagement Plan for the Atlanta Metropolitan Region consists of the following modules:

Additional Public Participation Resources 

ARC is committed to enforcing the provisions of Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and taking positive and realistic affirmative steps to ensure the protection of rights and opportunities for all persons affected by its programs, services, and activities.