New Voices Initiative

Engaging Metro Atlanta’s Diverse Communities in Regional Planning Efforts 

The Atlanta Regional Commission’s (ARC) New Voices initiative seeks to engage metro Atlanta’s diverse communities to help us better plan for the region’s future. 

Public input is a critical part of ARC’s long-range planning efforts. But the agency has identified a need to make regional planning more inclusive by broadening and diversifying the people engaged in the process. 

Millennial Advisory Panel 

The first New Voices initiative sought to engage the region’s fast-growing Millennial population – young adults born between 1982 and 2004. After all, one if four people living in metro Atlanta is a Millennnial, and ARC is planning for their future. 

ARC formed a Millennial Advisory Panel, which provided valuable input on a range of issues, from transportation to education. This feedback helped inform ARC’s long-range blueprint for the region, the Atlanta Region’s Plan

Global Advisory Panel 

ARC’s Global Advisory Panel  brings metro Atlanta’s dynamic, vibrant international community to the regional planning table. The goal is to engage a broad cross-section of the region’s international community on key regional topics of interest.