ARC Civic Dinners

Welcome to Conversations that Matter

At ARC Civic Dinners, metro Atlanta residents sit down together and break bread while having focused, meaningful conversations about issues that matter.

Civic Dinners are meant to be fun, and they’re designed to break down barriers.

They’re also critically important. Your input will help ARC and our regional partners as we plan for the future, including informing our work…

  • …as our CATLYST team works to foster economic competitiveness in the region,
  • …as our Aging & Independence Services Center transforms people’s understanding of what it means to grow older
  • …as we continuously refine The Atlanta Region’s Plan, our blueprint for the future of metro Atlanta

How a Civic Dinner works

One person chooses to host a meal with a diverse group of six to 10 people — friends from work, church, the neighborhood, or folks you just want to get to know better. Hosts invite guests to sign up online.

The host chooses one of ARC’s Civic Dinner topics to explore — and the list of topics is growing, so stay tuned.

Browse open dinners and sign up to attend today.

Sustainability civic dinner graphic

Sustainability: A conversation exploring how we define sustainability – and how we can protect the natural resources we need now and in the future.

Arts and Culture civic dinners graphic

Arts and Culture: A conversation exploring how we enjoy and support arts and culture – and how arts and culture can improve our community.


Education and Work: Exploring how everyone in the Atlanta region deserves the opportunity to advance in a productive career, and the role lifelong learning can play in making this reality.


Affordable Housing: Exploring how everyone in the Atlanta area can gain access to options for a healthy lifestyle and high-quality, affordable housing.


Reimagine Aging: A conversation exploring our ideas about aging — and how we can rethink them.


Mobility: Join us at the table for a conversation on the future of mobility.


Livability: Join us at the table for a conversation on how we create a better quality of life for all.


Prosperity: Exploring how we ensure metro Atlanta remains thriving and competitive into the future.

Host Guides Make It Easy

We provide a kit with detailed instructions for guiding each conversation straight to your inbox. If you want to explore before committing to hosting, we have a digital toolkit available where you can download the host guide ahead of time and access materials to post on your social media! Everyone pays for their own meal or brings a dish if it is potluck, so there is no cost burden on the host.

You can host a civic dinner at your local taco joint, throw some burgers on the grill, order pizzas, or serve up a gourmet feast. It’s your dinner, your choice.

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