ARC Arts & Culture Forum: Artists in Community Planning

Wed, June 9, 2021 9:00-12:00 PM

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arts mural in Woodstock, GA

Join us for the culminating event of the 2021 Arts Leaders of Metro Atlanta (ALMA) Workshop, in which six teams from this year’s class present proposals for real-world, community-led planning efforts.

Each team is made up of local leaders from the arts and culture, urban planning, and local government sectors. This creative collaboration resulted in proposals demonstrating what’s possible when artists and creatives are part of the planning process from the outset: impactful work that reflects and welcomes diverse perspectives. This forum is part of ARC’s Arts, Culture, and Placemaking Plan, which aims to integrate arts and culture into the agency’s planning work to help build a thriving, equitable, and healthy region.

Forum Recordings

Team Seafoam – Bus Stop Creative Placemaking

Team Seafoam is Liz Hall-Dukin, Hank Houser, Tinashe Kajese-Bolden, Deanna Murphy, Jacquelyn Pritz, and Sherri Washington. Download Team Seafoam’s Presentation.

Team Shamrock – Bus Stop Creative Placemaking

Team Shamrock is Irasema Gonzalez Vargas, Heidi Howard, Sheoyki Jones, Catherine Rowell, Victoria Walsh. Download Team Shamrock’s Presentation, RFQ, and D and I Policy.

Team Indigo – Alleys in Tucker

Team Indigo is Michelle Alexander, Diamond Bradley, Kimberly Hawkins, April McKown, and Daviorr Snipes. Download Team Indigo’s Presentation and Book Report.

Team Azure – Alleys in Tucker

Team Azure is Jennifer Hogan, Vanita Keswani, Adria Kitchens, Kelly Nelson, Tarika Peeks, and Liberty Rudo. Download Team Azure’s Presentation, and Additional Materials.

Team Pink – A Region Remembers

Team Pink is Katrina DeBerry, Lynn Deutsch, Tamara Irving, Tiffany-LaTrice Williams, and Sonia Linton. Download Team Pink’s Presentation and Healing Music Movie.

Team Scarlet – A Region Remembers

Team Scarlet is Lauren Bohn, Katherine Dirga, Mark Kendall, Oshun Layne, and Katie O’Connor. Download Team Scarlet’s Presentation and Presentation – Expanded.

Panel Discussion

ALMA 2021 class members Daviorr Snipes (Alliance Theatre), Jacquelyn Pritz (DanceATL), Mayor Lynn Deutsch (City of Dunwoody), and Victoria Walsh (Perkins+Will) discuss the ALMA experience and the role of artists in community planning.

Jury Decisions and Conclusion

Councilmember Amir Farokhi (City of Atlanta, District 2), Shanequa Gay (Artist), Josh Penny (Mailchimp), Miranda Kyle (Atlanta Beltline), Dorian McDuffie (City of Atlanta) and Commissioner Doreen Williams (Rockdale County) juried the presentations. Samyukth Shenbaga (ARC) wrapped up the event.


Event Schedule


Presentation: Results of ARC’s Regional Artist Survey
ARC’s Regional Artist Survey identified artists and creative professionals interested in community planning work and identified opportunities to support artists through ARC programs and policies, while laying the foundation for a regional registry of artists interested in civic engagement.

Juried competition
Each group presents its proposal for a real-world, community-led planning effort.
Bios of Teams and Jurors

Moderated panel discussion
This year’s ALMA Workshop provided the opportunity for metro Atlanta leaders from three sectors — arts and culture, urban planning, and local government — to consider ARC-funded community planning efforts together, with arts and culture at the forefront of the process.

Jury announces exceptional ALMA 2021 project; audience favorite is announced

Thanks and announcements


ALMA Participants, Jurors, Panelists, ARC Staff

Team Indigo – Alleys in Tucker
The Story of Tucker – Presentation
The Story of Tucker – Book Report

Team Azure – Alleys in Tucker
Additional Materials

Team Pink – A Region Remembers
The Healing Hall – Presentation
Healing Music Movie

Team Scarlet – A Region Remembers
Presentation – Expanded

Team Seafoam – Bus Stops

Team Shamrock – Bus Stops
D and I Policy