Community Development Assistance

Call for Projects

ARC’s Community Development Group works with local jurisdictions to plan and implement programs and projects that improve the quality of life for their residents.

The group has issued its first annual call for projects, inviting cities, counties, CIDs, and non-profits to submit applications seeking technical assistance. In this pilot year, ARC will collaborate on a limited number of projects that will help you reach your community vision while also implementing critical parts of the Atlanta Region’s Plan. The application period for this year has ended.

Open House Presentation

Thank you to all those who attended our open house and made it a very successful event! We heard some great ideas and look forward to receiving your applications by March 9th. For those unable to attend, please feel free to download the presentation from our meeting to learn more about the program. Also, we have added answers to frequently asked questions which might be helpful for everyone to review as they put their applications together.


Types of Planning Assistance

  • Planning Studies – Communities of all sizes can apply for our planning studies. ARC will provide its tools, data, and experience to help you realize your community’s vision.
  • Implementation Assistance – Once a plan is completed, implementation can be a stumbling block.  ARC can assist you with placemaking initiatives, zoning changes, studies, or other projects that move a plan forward.
  • Facilitation – ARC can help you reach stakeholder consensus around issues or projects.  You can apply to ARC for assistance in facilitation of retreats or longer stakeholder engagements.
  • Trainings – Ensuring that our community leaders and practitioners are trained in emerging and relevant planning issues is key for the region and for communities.  ARC can develop and/or host trainings for community leaders or for staff.

Project Prioritization

Projects will be prioritized based on their ability to address one or more of the following important regional values:

  • Equity- Projects or assistance that promote diversity or inclusion.
  • Prosperity- Projects or assistance that promote economic and cultural vitality
  • Resiliency- Projects that promote or protect community form, and natural features and systems
  • Mobility-Projects or assistance that improve physical mobility and connectivity

To learn more about the new framework, types of planning assistance offered, and project ideas, please review this document.


Will I be able to request assistance from ARC’s Community Development Group outside of the Community Development Assistance Program?

Yes. While the Community Development Assistance Program will be the primary avenue for communities to seek technical assistance from the Community Development Group, staff will be available to provide guidance and technical assistance on small-scale requests. Staff capacity and resources will determine the ability to respond to any specific request.

I may not be able to obtain a letter of commitment from my Chief Elected Official/ Administrator without knowing the cost of the project. Is a letter still required?

Yes, a letter of support from your Chief Elected Official/ Administrator is required with the application. While the letter of support must acknowledge that matching funds will be required, it does not require a commitment to any specific dollar amount (unless desired) or obligate the community to pursue the project if adequate funding is not available. If needed, the letter of support can state that that financial commitment is conditional on the availability of local funds to and that determination cannot be provided with this letter of support.

How will the local match for the project be determined?

Local match amounts will be determined based on factors that include, but are not limited to, the final scope of the project as agreed upon by the applicant and ARC; resources committed to the project by both ARC and the applicant; and resources committed to the project by other community partners. Local match will not exceed 20% of total project costs.

Can the applicant utilize consultants they have under contract to complete elements of the projects they are applying for? If yes, would their contribution be able to be counted towards the local match.

Yes. Please state in your application if you intend to use any contractors to be a part of your project delivery. This should not include regular staff. Their contribution will be accounted for while determining project cost and the final local match.

How many projects will be selected?

There is no set number of projects that will be selected. Once all requests have been received, staff capacity and resources will determine the number of projects undertaken.

How will projects be selected?

Projects will be reviewed by a team of staff at ARC. Several criteria will be utilized to select projects including project’s alignment with ARC mission and values, staff capability, and staff capacity. Project applicants should provide as much information about what makes their project critical and aligned with ARC’s mission in their application.

Will there be a scoring matrix for projects?

Yes, this will be developed internally by ARC staff.

Can the applicant get the scoring matrix in advance?

The scoring matrix will not be available. Applicants are encouraged to consider the four lenses in developing their applications. However, the primary focus of the application should be articulating a project that meets the needs of the community, rather than developing a project that will meet scoring criteria.

Wat the open house recorded?

The open house was not being recorded.

Will all presentations be put on the website?

The presentations will be available on the website by Friday, February 16, 2018.

Do requests for assistance through the Livable Centers Initiative (LCI) or for local comprehensive plans need to go through this call for projects?

No. ARC provides assistance to local governments with the update of a basic comprehensive plan through its contract with the Georgia Department of Community Affairs. There is a separate process by which that request is submitted. New LCI studies are not included in this call for projects.


How to Apply

Step 1: Download and complete the following document: Section III: Project Information.

Step 2: Fill out the online form below.

Step 3: Upload your completed Project Information document into Section III: Project Information.

Step 4: Hit ‘submit’

Planning Assistance Application

The application period has ended. Thank you.