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In 2022, the Community Development Assistance Program (CDAP) is providing planning assistance to communities throughout metro Atlanta with projects that specifically advance community resiliency and social equity within the region. This year, CDAP placed special focus on applications that demonstrated an active partnership between the local government and a Community Based Organization (CBO).

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2022 Projects

The following projects will receive assistance from ARC through the CDAP program:

Cascade Heights Greenway Network Plan

The Cascade Springs Nature Conservancy seeks assistance in prioritizing a proposed network of eight multi-modal greenway corridors connecting 600+ acres of greenspace within a 1-mile radius of the Cascade Heights Business Historic District. The planning process will include convening primary stakeholders and decision makers to prioritize trail segments identified in several planning documents, including the 2006 Campbellton-Cascade Corridors Redevelopment Plan and 2021 AeroATL Greenway Model Mile Atlanta Project Feasibility Study. The completed plan will include renderings of the prioritized segments, cost estimates for design and construction of the multi-modal corridors, and a matrix of funding sources.

Cobb County Housing Study

Cobb County seeks assistance in analyzing the current state of housing in Cobb and the needs to support their growing population, identifying issues and opportunities related to attainable housing, defining housing goals, and providing policy and programming recommendations to achieve those goals. As a part of this initiative, the County hopes to gain an understanding of the current inventory of housing countywide, including the number and type of various types of housing units, average cost of housing, and how this range of housing in distributed countywide. The completed study will summarize engagement conducted with key community stakeholders, as well as detail the data collection and analysis conducted.

The following projects will receive project grants through the CDAP program:

Gwinnett County Safe & Equitable Multimodal Access Study & Mountain Park Commercial Revitalization Plan

Grant Amount:

Gwinnett County seeks assistance in developing a multimodal access study in the area generally bound by I-85 to the north, US 29/SR 8 to the south, SR 378/Beaver Ruin Road to the east, and Old Norcross Tucker Road to the west - one of the most diverse, and often under resourced, areas in the County. In addition, the County seeks assistance in developing a commercial revitalization plan for the intersections of Five Forks Trickum Road at Rockbridge Road and Killian Road in collaboration with the Mountain Park Community Association. The completed study and plan will detail prioritized project recommendations and provide a framework for evaluating inequities in multimodal facilities, as well as provide a guide for the creation of vibrant commercial nodes in the Mountain Park community.

The following projects will receive CDAP support through ARC partner organizations:

Henry County Housing Study

The Georgia Institute of Technology will be working with Henry County on the following project.

Henry County seeks assistance in completing a study focused on housing affordability and services for low-income households and the unhoused. The planning process will include the facilitation of stakeholder meetings to assess the state of homelessness and analyze the affordability of housing, as well as outreach and engagement of families and persons receiving housing assistance and families that include homeless students. The completed study will assist in defining and better understanding "homelessness" within the County, as well as identify County committees and sub-committees and their assigned tasks toward filling the current gaps in services for the homeless population.

Villa Rica Placemaking and Alleyway Activation Plan

The Georgia Conservancy will be working with the City of Villa Rica on the following project.

The City of Villa Rica seeks assistance in developing a program for downtown placemaking – identifying opportunities for public art, gateway enhancements, place building, and green infrastructure. The completed plan will identify locations for specific placemaking improvements and demonstration projects related to alley improvements and public art installations and include an implementation plan to guide the city and its community partners in future placemaking activities and projects. The Placemaking and Alleyway Activation Program is an extension of the Villa Rica LCI Study. The LCI identifies downtown gateways (D1.03), alley activation (D1.11), and public arts (D1.13) in the Project and Policy Recommendations section of the study.

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