Atlanta Local Food Initiative (ALFI)

Building a Better Food System for Metro Atlanta

The Atlanta Local Food Initiative (ALFI) is a diverse coalition of stakeholders who are working to build a more sustainable food system for metro Atlanta. The stakeholder group includes communities, nonprofits, universities, government agencies, individuals and corporations.

AFLI Vision and Mission

ALFI envisions a transformed food system in which every metro Atlanta resident has access to safe, nutritious and affordable food produced by a thriving network of sustainable farms and gardens. ALFI’s mission is to build a local food system that enhances human health, promotes environmental renewal, fosters local economies and links rural and urban communities.

Core ALFI Activities

ALFI’s work includes coalition building, strategic planning and assessment, and policy development to support:

  • The ALFI Plan 
  • ALFI Fruit Tree Sale
    ALFI’s annual Fruit Tree Sale offers over 50 varieties of fruit trees, vines and berry bushes for planting in Georgia’s gardens and farms. The sale raises funds for the ALFI Orchard Project.
  • ALFI Orchard Project
    The ALFI Orchard Project installs edible school gardens and community orchards that feed, teach and inspire. The orchards connect thousands of students, teachers and citizens to the local food movement and support ALFI’s Plan for Atlanta’s Sustainable Future. Since 2010, more than 20 orchards have been planted, with financial support from the local community, providing direct access to local food and improving the region’s landscape. Schools, community groups and urban agriculture organizations collaborate to ensure the orchards receive the proper care and maintenance they need to thrive.
  • Mapping Gardens, Farms and Orchards in the Atlanta Region
    ARC aggregates garden and farm site data in the 10 county region using information provided by the regional food community, which includes ALFI, the Atlanta Community Food Bank, Captain Planet Foundation, Food Well Alliance, Georgia Organics, Metro Atlanta Urban Farm, and the University of Georgia. The resulting map shows where small to medium scale growing is taking place in the region.
  • Go Grow Atlanta
    The city of Atlanta updated its zoning code in June 2014 to support the growth of urban farms and community gardens, positioning Atlanta to be a national leader in urban agriculture. The zoning ordinance is a first step toward enabling community gardens and farms to thrive throughout the city. Go Grow Atlanta supports continuing efforts to ensure the future success of Atlanta’s urban food system.