Advocating for Lifelong Community Options

Posted in: Aging & Health

Chuck speaking at forumThe Atlanta region is experiencing monumental demographic shift. This change is driven by dramatic growth in the number of older adults who call Atlanta home and by the relatively new phenomenon of longevity—people living longer than ever before.

Communities must modernize housing, transportation, and service options that serve current and future populations. Simply providing the same approaches for this growing population is not enough.

We also need to create communities that naturally support persons of all ages and abilities to lessen the need for outside services. For example, communities that are walkable with sidewalks and vital services near housing lessen the need for more driving or formal transportation services. They also keep us healthier.

Policy Briefs Help to Promote Concepts of Lifelong Communities

The Atlanta Regional Commission has developed a series of policy briefs to help people better understand the nuances of crucial issues as they impact older people, people with disabilities, and their caregivers. Each brief, which offers specific planning, policy, and programmatic solutions, can be used by decision-makers and advocates to make sense of and act on issues.

  • Housing – There is not enough quality, affordable housing in metro Atlanta to meet the needs of the region’s fast-growing population of older people. Learn more about how this issue affects local renters and homeowners.
  • Transportation – According to an ARC study, more than one out of three adults over age 65 in metro Atlanta frequently lack transportation to get where they need to go. Find out about reliable transportation options.
  • Caregiving – A significant portion of care for older people and individuals with disabilities in Georgia is managed by family members and friends who often make tremendous personal and financial sacrifices. See how we can better support caregivers.

Voting Rights

Voting is a cornerstone of our American democracy at all levels – local, state, and national. Visit empowerline to learn more about your right to vote in the State of Georgia and details on how to register, ways to vote, and getting support if you need special accommodations or feel your rights have been violated.

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If you are looking to connect with resources and services for older persons and individuals with disabilities in the Atlanta Metro area, please contact us at 404-463-3333. You can also visit to find information.

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