Reimagine Aging: Start the Conversation

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Challenging Our Ideas About Growing Older

We are all living longer and healthier lives. In the metro Atlanta region, the segment of the population over the age of 60 is growing faster than all other age groups. This demographic shift requires us to all rethink the way we look at the aging process and older people as well as to design policies, systems, and built environments that incorporate and support all ages and abilities.

ARC engages regional residents, professionals, and elected officials through outreach and education to improve the quality of life for older people and individuals with disabilities. Whether working with partners to reframe aging or delivering a workshop on managing a chronic condition, ARC aims to maximize the independence, health, and well-being of individuals both now and in the future.

Reimagine Aging

Two older ladies sitting at table talkingAmericans have a complicated relationship with growing older and society-wide effects of this are evident. There is a disconnect between what aging professionals have found by listening to older people, and what the public believes about people older than themselves.

The FrameWorks Institute has conducted extensive research on the understanding of aging in America and presents their findings in the evidence-based report, Finding the Frame: An Empirical Approach to Reframing Aging and Ageism. They explained that commonly held misperceptions about aging “create obstacles to productive practices and policies” that ultimately affect us all.

Your Role in the Conversation

As a regional provider of aging and disability services as well as a convener of government, partners, and residents, ARC strives to reframe aging in our region and engage others in this effort. We invite you to reframe the way you think and talk about aging by exploring this toolkit from FrameWorks.

ARC’s Civic Dinners Series presents an opportunity for everyone to engage in meaningful conversation with friends, families, neighbors, elected officials – or anyone, really. The Reimagine Aging Civic Dinner conversation explores our ideas about aging and is an opportunity to discuss and rethink our beliefs.

Older Adult Education and Volunteering

ARC oversees a trained corps of older volunteers that give educational presentations relevant to their peers. Visit empowerline to learn more about our latest topics or request a speaker.

Volunteers also participate in community events to share information and resources.

ARC recruits and trains new volunteers on an ongoing basis.