Planning for Lifelong Communities

Posted in: Aging & Health

Working Across Disciplines to Help People Age in Place

The Goal: Lifelong Communities

ARC’s Lifelong Communities Partnership is a consortium of local governments, community partners, and residents working together to design more inclusive lifelong communities that offer multiple housing types and enhanced transportation options, increased opportunities for healthy living, and convenient access to shopping, services, and transit.

Explore our policy briefs to better understand the challenges unique to older people and suggested solutions to create lifelong communities.

ARC develops plans with the goal of better enabling people of all ages and abilities to remain in their homes and communities. People who stay in their communities generally experience a better quality of life, with improved physical and mental health. These plans convey a framework for the region that identifies priority focus areas as well as goals and strategies to collectively achieve well-designed well-being.

Live Beyond Expectations Regional Strategic Plan 2020-2025
This plan takes on the ambitious but critical task of identifying and addressing inequities that create disparities in life expectancy. The agency will engage with stakeholders on the regional, state, and national levels to strengthen partnerships, develop new relationships, and marshal new and existing resources. This serves to support a long-range vision that all metro Atlanta residents can lead long and healthy lives no matter where they live.

Human Services Transportation Plan
This plan focuses on providing transportation options to often-underserved populations in the Atlanta region.

Walk. Bike. Thrive!
ARC’s bicycle-pedestrian plan establishes a regional vision and uses data-driven strategies to support local initiatives and decision-making to help communities create walkable and bikeable communities for all ages and abilities.

Given that anticipated funding for services won’t keep pace with the growing population, ARC constantly seeks new and innovative approaches and partnerships to support older adults and people with disabilities across the region.