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A monthly e-mail bulletin designed to educate, inspire, and engage you about the region in which we live, the challenges we face, the opportunities we have, and how we can work together to identify solutions to make our communities the best they can be.


33°N shares research about the metro Atlanta Region

Community Engagement Network

A resource for creative community engagement on matters of public policy, plans and programs and their impact on the daily lives of the Atlanta region residents.

Green Matters

The Green Matters e-newsletter provides information about sustainability initiatives happening around the metro Atlanta region and beyond.


ARC News Center
The agency’s central news hub helps you stay on top of the key issues that shape our region, from transportation and community development to aging & health, natural resources and workforce development.

What's Next ATL
What’s Next ATL is a community resource that explores how metro Atlanta is growing and changing, and offers new opportunities for community engagement. The site includes engaging blog posts that provide a closer look at the issues shaping our region’s future, carefully curated links to local and national news articles that help explain where we are going as a region, relevant news releases from local government and non-profit organizations, and data-driven stories that help illuminate our region.

The 33°N blog shares research about the metro Atlanta Region

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NOTICE: Gov. Brian Kemp has extended a public health emergency declaration and a statewide shelter-in-place order for older adults and medically fragile residents through June 12.

The Atlanta Regional Commission office at 229 Peachtree Street, NE Atlanta, is closed to the public until further notice. All employees are working remotely and conducting business operations. ARC employees can be contacted directly during normal business hours. However, if you need immediate assistance call 404-463-3100.

If you are seeking resources for older persons and individuals with disabilities, contact us at404-463-3333 or visit

Learn more about impacted programs, meetings, and events as well as helpful resources for businesses and local governments…