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A monthly e-mail bulletin designed to keep you updated about key regional issues, developments of interest, regional data resources and upcoming meetings and events. Also receive invitations to special events and participate in key regional surveys.

33°N shares research about the metro Atlanta Region

The Bite
Your source for all things ARC Civic Dinners! We cover the latest happenings, share recipes, and show off your #ARCCivicDinner selfies!

Community Engagement Network
A resource for creative community engagement on matters of public policy, plans and programs and their impact on the daily lives of the Atlanta region residents.

Green Matters
The Green Matters e-newsletter provides information about sustainability initiatives happening around the metro Atlanta region and beyond.


ARC News Center
The agency’s central news hub helps you stay on top of the key issues that shape our region, from transportation and community development to aging & health, natural resources and workforce development.

The 33°N blog shares research about the metro Atlanta Region

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