Strategic Relations Committee

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The Strategic Relations Committee offers policy and program guidance to the Communications & Marketing, Community Engagement and Government Affairs divisions, which are part of ARC’s Center for Strategic Relations.

Committee Meetings

The Strategic Relations Committee meets monthly at 1:30 p.m. at the Atlanta Regional Commission. Please note that all meeting times and places are subject to change. Please call ARC at 404-463-3100 to confirm.

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Committee Members

  • Eric Dial, Chair
    Mayor, Town of Tyrone
  • Julie K. Arnold, Vice Chair
    ARC Board Member, Citizen District 12
  • Julie K. Arnold
  • C.J. Bland
  • Tony Cooper
  • Eric Dial (Chair)
  • Mike Houchard
  • Clair Muller
  • Amol Naik
  • Bob Reeves
  • Betty Willis